Genshin Impact - How to Complete The Astral Puzzle and Seize Destiny

Summer Fantasia event splash

Summer Fantasia event splash

Genshin Impact's new summer update is here, and it has brought many new events and stories for players to sink their teeth into. Something that has confused players is Mona's event, and how to solve the Astral Puzzle in Genshin Impact.

Summertime Odyssey, the collection of summer activities on the Golden Apple Archipelago, features a few returning faces that all have their own story sections. Kaedehara Kazuha, Xinyan, Mona, and Fischl join the Traveler on the summer expedition.

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Where Is The Astral Puzzle?

To start this quest and get into the meat of Mona's story, you'll need to head to the Golden Apple Archipelago after beginning the Summertime Odyssey event. Then, you'll need to follow some exploration quests. The first event that opens is Kazuha's, and you need to complete this before it moves on. Then it's Xinyans, and this also needs to be completed.

The third story puzzle is Mona's time to shine. 'The Ancient Azure Stars' quest takes place in her dream-like area, and as you'd expect, its filled with astrology and star-themed decor and puzzles.

How To Solve The Astral Puzzle

The Ancient Azure Stars quest can be a head-scratcher, and the puzzles within it are confusing if you're not sure what you're doing. Here are the solutions, and how to get through them easily!

Each Astral Puzzle is in a room off the main hall, and to open each Astral Puzzle room, you need to collect shards with constellations on them, and place them in the corresponding holders to open the doors.

The First Astral Puzzle

First Astral Puzzle
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Once opened, you'll be in the Astral Puzzle room. This is a large room that contains many laser pointers. You need to point these at each other to replicate a constellation.

The constellation for the first room is on the ceiling. To activate the lasers, hit them! Then, change their augmentation so that they create lines between each other. Replicate the constellation, and you'll have cleared the room!

The reward is a chest, that releases a floating star. Follow it on to the next area.

The Second Astral Puzzle

Astral Puzzle part 2
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After following the star for a while, it'll show you into the next room (when you've opened the door in the same way as the first). Inside, interact with the star again and it will ascend to the ceiling and show the constellation you need to copy.

The constellation this time is partially hidden by the broken roof, so you'll need to move around and keep checking it. Once you've completed it, you'll be on to the next room - but in between, there are some activities to do such as a maze.

Third Astral Puzzle

Third Astral Puzzle
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The third Astral Puzzle is unlocked in the same way, but this time the solution is not on the ceiling. Instead, it is behind a misty veil that leads to another room. You can't go into it, but you can easily see the shape - it's sort of like a headless stick man.

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Complete the constellation, and you'll be free to go to the next area.

Fourth Astral Puzzle

Astral Puzzle number 4
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The fourth and final Astral Puzzle is a little different to the others. First, you'll need to use the cube in the center of the room to select the third constellation - the one that isn't a singular shape.

Most of the lasers need to point to the cube in the middle for this one, too, but it is quite straightforward.

Once this is done, you're finished with the Astral Puzzles and can head off to the next area: Mona's office.

How To Seize Destiny

This next part is simpler than it seems, which is strange for Genshin Impact quests.

You'll be transported to an open, mystical plane that is filled with stars; find the one with a tail behind it that's moving around, and grab it.

That's it! You have, quite literally, seized destiny. With that, the domain is completed.

Rewards For The Ancient Azure Stars

Completing this quest will net you some nice stuff. A stack of Mora, 2 Hero's Wit, and 30 all-important Primogems.

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