Gears 5 Xbox Series X: Release Date, Price, Features, Gameplay Enhancements And Everything You Need To Know

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Gears 5 will be coming to Xbox Series X later this year for the next-gen console launch.

It's still a popular game and that's why it's being enhanced for Xbox Series X!

Gears 5 Operation 4 is now released, operations is Gears' approach to seasons, with new additions and tweaks each operation.

The game peaked at 10,196 players on September 11 according to Steam, but this isn't the true number of players due to Gears 5 being part of an Xbox Games Pass promotion.

We've compiled all the information we have so far, so have a read!

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What Is Gears 5?

Gears 5 is a third-person shooter game which is developed by The Coalition and published by Xbox Game Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

This is the sixth title in the Gears Of War series.

Release Date

Currently, no release date has been stated, due to there being no current date for the Xbox Series X either.

We expect the game to come out in a close time frame to the console launch as it should boost sales.


The game's pricing hasn't been revealed yet but we expect it to be rather pricey being a title on the next-gen console.


Here's the game's announcement trailer from E3 2018, we expect the Xbox Series X trailer to be similar if not the same.


The Inside Unreal live stream showcased some of the enhancements coming to Gears 5 Xbox Series X, the team at The Coalition discussed some of the visual features coming to the Xbox Series X version of Gears 5.

A load of the features in the PC Ultra specs pack will be brought to Xbox Series X, which includes (these are taken directly from the slides shown in the Inside Unreal event):

  • Higher Resolution Textures
  • Improved Anisotropic Filtering
  • Higher-Resolution Volume Fog
  • Higher Quality Depth of Field
  • Extremely far Draw Distances with high level of object detail
  • Shadow Resolution and Shadow Distance
  • High-quality Screen-Space Reflections
  • Post Processing improvements like Bloom, Lens Flare, Light Shafts, etc.
  • + More!

As well as this there are more new features:

  • Contact Shadows
    • This allows extremely realistic shadowing as each pixel on screen traces back to the light source to eliminate andy shadow biasing artifacts or fill in missing shadows
  • Screen Space Global Illumination
    • Integrated from UE4 4.24, this feature allows us to achieve full real-time GI at 60fps/4k
    • SSGI's AO pass replaces the more traditional SSAO giving much more naturalistic broad real-time AO
  • Higher particle counts. Our particle counters are 50% higher than PC Ultra Spec
  • Real Time Cinematics in 4k 60FPS
    • Xbox One X Cinematics were 4k 30FPS
  • Investigating 120FPS Multiplayer support
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