Gears 5 Operation 4 "Brothers In Arms": Release Date, Characters, Maps, Ranked Changes, Trailer, Patch Notes and More

Gears 5 may have launched all the way back in 2019, but its next big Operation kicks off next week and brings plenty of content.

Here's everything we know about Operation 4, "Brothers In Arms".

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What Are Operations?

Operations are Gears 5's approach to seasons and each offers a variety of additions.

There are characters, skins, maps and modes added, as well as constant tweaks to the state of the game's multiplayer.

Operation 4 Patch Notes

  • Replaced ranked system.
  • Added new store with earnable currency.
  • Major PvE update. See below for the full PvE notes
  • Updated Gears Allies to be a more rewarding process and added 5 new levels on top to give an additional +5% XP boost (+15% is the new max in the system).
  • Added 8 shots back to the Gnasher in Campaign, PvE and PvP
  • Flashbangs no longer produce a full-screen flash effect, and the radius of the stun has been reduced from 400 > 300.
  • Flashbangs have been added as a loadout weapon
  • Fixed an issue with Gnasher where using ADS while swapping causes shot to fire slightly faster
  • Fixed the issue where users didn’t receive bullet magnetism while ADS if they pre-aimed a location
  • Fixed the issue where players lose bullet magnetism for a brief period after cancelling a cover slide
  • The post-fire melee delay has been increased from 0.25s to 0.4s
  • Fixed an issue where players would fail a revive after performing the animation
  • Enemy footsteps have been adjusted to be more audible within the mix off all audio sources
  • Fixed an issue with Disarmed Execution where: The cloth on Swarm Hunter’s deforms and moves rapidly;
  • Swarm Sniper with the winter skin will fly off-screen when being executed
  • Various character’s clothes become rigid when they have the execution performed on them
  • Fixed an issue when the player experiences numerous corrections when cover sliding after a mantle/vault
  • Fixed the issue where bots become stuck until they’re engaged.
  • Fixed the issue where ‘Beginner’ bots are using jump links on Vasgar.
  • Fixed the issue where players are able to roll in cover while holding the button to roadie run
  • Fixed an issue where players cannot roadie run on cover after initiating a reload
  • Fixed the issue where AI does not understand execution rules and continues to lancer DBNO targets
  • Fixed the issue where users are able to fire shots before the step-up animation has finished
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes point-blank Gnasher shots are being rejected
  • Fixed an exploit in Horde where trading weapons to other users while Hijacked will keep the enemy tuning for the weapon
  • Fixed the issue where a user can be put into an executable state even if they kill the enemy before being kicked
  • Fixed an exploit where players can get aim assist when using keyboard and mouse by rebinding some keys to controller inputs using 3rd party software
  • Fixed the issue where the Escape mission fails if the only living player finishes the experience while using a turret
  • Fixed the issue in Quickplay Gridiron where users were loaded into a match with all bots during match transition despite having a full lobby.
  • Fixed an issue in Guardian so bots are no longer able to become the leader even though actual users are in the match
  • Fixed an exploit in Escape where players that joined in progress had a fully-charged ultimate after being rescued.
  • Fixed an issue in Escalation where upgrading an incendiary to a frag causes it to lose its halved time upgrade
  • Fixed the issue so Bots can no longer get MVP
  • Fixed the issue in Gridiron dying last in a round caused the character's camera to fall through the map
  • Fixed the issue where the Swarm Reject’s Self-Destruction doesn’t credit players for the weapon used to instigate the Self-Destruction
  • Fixed an issue in Arcade where Lizzies/Kantus’ arcade ability “Hot Footed” is causing the player to see themselves jitter while roadie running
  • Fixed an issue where game settings do not show up properly when viewing the lobby list for LAN Versus
  • Fixed the issue where players are unable to pick swarm characters if host changes game mode to free for all
  • Updated Anthony Carmine’s helmet to match the Gears Ultimate Edition version
  • Updated the Terminator model (Rev-9 and T-800) to increase visibility (brightness and size)
  • Private Vermello – Character is firing kill Guds while marking DB Sentinels
  • Queen Myrrah – GUDS – One of her dialogue has a special character appearing in the subtitle
  • Fixed the issue in Horde when using Jack’s Hijack ultimate on a Sire, it does not play any team swamp animation
  • Fixed the issue where the Matriarch doesn’t attack Jack if he’s holding the fabricator in Horde
  • Fixed the issue in where Lizzie can use the Silverback to get on top of any Low cover and out of some maps
  • Fixed the issue when Lizzie is using the Silverback Ultimate – the mulcher takes significantly longer to overheat when the silverback has the bleeding mulcher and healing Tri-shot equipped
  • Fixed an issue with Biker Gary where his shirt clips with pants when DBNO
  • Fixed an issue with Biker Gary where the back of vest clips with shirt when holding a meat shield
  • Update Thrashball Cole to remove the visible gore mesh seam on face
  • Update the Outsider Gary model so the UI head icon design matched the model

PVE Changes:

  • Added Level 6 cards.
  • Reduced Master Difficulty Health Modifier (Horde and Escape) from 2.5 to 2.0.
  • Doubled the amount of ultimate charge gained by doing damage for all characters.
  • Enabled Chainsaw and Retro Charge against Sires.
  • Reduced Swarm Drone Elite’s Claw damage from 40 to 35 damage per hit.
  • Slightly reduced Swarm Drone Elite’s base accuracy.
  • Increased the damage of the Mulcher from 120 to 150 per hit.
  • Decreased the damage of the Trishot from 300 to 250 per hit.
  • Horde and Escape matchmaking is now limited to Beginner, Advanced, and Inconceivable.
  • Enabled Horde Frenzy in Custom Lobby.
  • Increased Power Decay time from 20s to 30s.
  • Fortifications no longer increase in price every 5th purchase.
  • Changed behavior of Power Drain mutator from “Fortification cost increases 5% every 3 minutes” to “Fortification cost increased by 50%.”
  • Power Drain no longer impacts the price of weapons.
  • Enabled all characters to upgrade fortifications.
  • Enabled all characters to purchase all fortifications
  • Enabled all characters to purchase all weapons from the fabricator.
  • Added the Claw, Mulcher, Trishot, Buzzkill, Salvo, Cryo Cannon and Breaker Mace to the fabricator.
  • Removed the Snub, Boltok and Talon from the fabricator.
  • Reduced Repair Tool price from 10,000 to 5000.
  • Reduced price of the Torque Bow, Dropshot and Boomshot from 5000 to 4000.
  • Reduced price of the Longshot from 2200 to 2000.
  • Increased price of the Lancer GL from 3000 to 4000.
  • Reduced the number of Shepherds and Leeches in Horde and Horde Frenzy.
  • Slightly increased the number of enemies that spawn per wave in Horde Frenzy up to Wave 11.
  • Added two more music tracks for boss waves.
  • Increased baseline damage players deal in Escape by 25%. (Was previously 50% less damage than Horde by default)
  • Enabled Kait, Del, Fahz and JD for Escape mode.
Energy Taps:
  • Lowered Energy Tap capture time from 30s to 15s.
  • Lowered Energy Tap interaction time from 5s to 2s.
  • Energy Taps now give a global health bonus to your team per level of the tap. +15% > +20% > +25% > +30%. This effect stacks with other Energy Taps.
  • Increased Energy Tap health from 4500 to 9000. (Level 4)
  • Increased the base amount of energy from the Energy Tap by 50% (Horde and Horde Frenzy)
  • Increased the energy multiplier of the Level 4 Tap in Horde Frenzy from 1.5 to 1.6.
  • Increased base energy received when forging the Mulcher, Trishot, Cryo Cannon, Buzzkill and Breaker Mace from 20 to 30.
  • Removed unintentional bonus energy for forging the Markza and Gnasher.
  • Added five new perks based on Hivebuster’s venom cards. (Damage, Damage Resistance, Explosive Resupply, Melee Bleeding Damage, Cooldown on Kill)
  • Added Ultimate Duration perk, which doubles ultimate duration at Level 10.
  • Added Chaingun Ammo Regen perk, which is twice as strong as Ammo Regeneration perk, but specifically for the Mulcher and Trishot.
  • Increased Max Health perk from 30% to 50%. (Level 10)
  • Increased HP Regen perk from 50% to 100% (Level 10)
  • HP Regen perk now also reduces Health Regen delay by up to half. (Level 10)
  • Increased Cooldown Speed perk from 30% to 50%. (Level 10)
  • Increased Critical Damage perk from +15% to +25% damage. (Level 10)
  • Increased Ammo Capacity perk from +50% to +100%. (Level 10)
  • Enabled Explosive and Heavy weapons to be valid for Ammo Capacity perk.
  • Increased Ammo Regen perk speed by 75%. (Level 10)
  • Increased Shotgun and Precision Damage perks from 20% to 50% damage (Level 10)
  • Increased Assault Rifle Damage perk from 30% to 50% damage (Level 10)
  • Doubled the efficiency of Damage Cooldown perk. (Level 10)
  • Improved cost reduction of Repair Cost perk from -15% to -30% (Level 10)


  • Increased ultimate duration by 25% in Horde.
  • Changed passive from “every 6th execution gives a pilfer pickup” to “melee or bleed kills heal 50%”
  • Replaced Ammo Capacity perk with Bleeding Melee Damage perk (Based on Venom Blade)
  • Replaced Max Health perk with Damage Resistance perk (Based on Venom Resistance)
  • Added card “Gnasher Mastery” which increases Gnasher damage up to 50% (Level 5)
  • Increased Thrill of the Hunt radius from 2m to 2.5m.
  • Increased Short Range Deflection from 0m-4m to 0m-5m.
  • Increased Mid Range Deflection from 4m-8m to 5m-10m.
  • Increased Lahni’s Ambush card from 22s to 27s ultimate cooldown per kill from behind. (Level 5)
  • Increased Lahni’s On The Flank extra damage from 100% to 105%. (Level 5)
  • Increased Lahni’s Shock Shield card from 200HP to 220HP Stim on ultimate activation. (Level 5)
  • Increased damage of Lahni’s Venom Blade card from 150% to 155%. (Level 5)
  • Increased bleeding damage on Baird’s Bloody Support card from 25% to 30%. (Level 5)
  • Increased damage on Baird’s Experimental Weapons card from +50% to +90%. (Level 5)
  • Adjusted maximum health threshold for Baird’s Experimental Weapons card from 99% to 50%.
  • Allow Heavy DB weapons for Baird’s Experimental Weapons card.
  • Increased damage of Baird’s Parting Gift card from 50% to 90%. (Level 5)
  • Baird’s Precision Repairs card now works with the Torque Bow.
  • Baird’s Bloody Support card now works with the Torque Bow.
  • Increased ultimate duration by 25% in Horde.
  • Reduced ultimate cooldown time from 300s to 150s.
  • Replaced Feedback Boost perk with Cooldown on Kill perk (Based on Venom Boost)
  • Replaced Max Health perk with Damage Resistance perk (Based on Venom Resistance)
  • Replaced Assault Rifle Damage perk with Damage perk (Based on Adrenaline Junkie)
  • Replaced Ammo Regen perk with Critical Damage perk.
  • Increased Mac’s Extended Barrier card from 2.5s to 2.8s per kill. (Level 5)
  • Increased Mac’s Venom Boost card from 30s to 32s recharge per kill in Venom (Level 5)
  • Increased ultimate duration by 50% in Horde.
  • Replaced Max Health perk with Cooldown on Kill perk (Based on Venom Boost)
  • Replaced Ammo Regen perk with Explosive Resupply perk (Based on Venom Explosive Resupply)
  • Replaced Reduce Cooldown perk with Assault Rifle Damage perk.
  • Added card “Interrogation” which marks all enemies within 45m of taking a meatshield. (Level 5)
  • Increased speed of Keegan’s Venom Explosive Resupply card by 20%. (Level 5)
  • Increased Keegan’s Venom Boost card from 30s to 32s recharge per kill in Venom. (Level 5)
  • Keegan’s Resupply Speed Loader card now increases the size of the perfect active reload bar.
  • Reduced amount of bleeding damage per tick on Keegan’s Shredder card from 50% to 22% (Level 5)
  • Changed loadout from Boomshot/Gnasher/Snub to Lancer/Boomshot/Snub.
  • Increased seconds of cooldown from JD’s Confirmed Kill card from 15s to 23s. (Level 5)
  • Reduced amount of bleeding damage per tick on JD’s Razor Hail card from 50% to 22% (Level 5)
  • Changed the behavior of Explosive Launcher Capacity to be percentage based, giving 85% additional explosive launcher capacity instead of 5 additional projectiles. (Level 5)
  • Explosive Launcher Capacity no longer affects grenades.
  • Increased fortification health from Del’s Reinforced Fabrication card from 100% to 125%. (Level 4)
  • Increased additional sentry damage on Del’s Overload card from 30% to 35% (Level 5)
  • Removed 5m distance requirement from Del’s Long Range Resistance card.
  • Edited description of Del’s Long Range Resistance card to make it clear that it applies to Precision weapons.
  • Increased repair speed of Del’s Repair Efficiency card from 50% to 55%. (Level 5)
  • Improved cost reduction of Del’s Repair Efficiency card from 25% to 27%. (Level 5)
  • Increased repair speed of Del’s Best Friends card from 50% to 55%. (Level 5)
  • Improved cost reduction of Del’s Best Friends card from 25% to 27%. (Level 5)
  • Del’s Best Friends card now correctly triggers when Del is 10 meters from Jack.
  • Increased repair speed of Kat’s Repair Efficiency card from 50% to 55%. (Level 5)
  • Improved cost reduction of Kat’s Repair Efficiency card from 25% to 27%. (Level 5)
  • Adjusted minimum health threshold of Kat’s Top of the Line card from 100% to 50%.
  • Increase sentry damage of Kat’s Top of the Line card from 30% to 35%. (Level 5)
  • Increased percent ultimate time per kill of Jackbot’s Backstab card from 20% to 23% (Level 5)
  • Increased damage of Jack’s Explosive Hijack card from 100% to 110%. (Level 5)
  • Improved efficiency of Jack’s Portable Resupply card by 25%.
  • Added card “Healing Jolt” which heals 90% HP when picking up power. (Level 5)
  • Increased damage resistance on Kait’s Enhanced Stim card from 30% to 55%. (Level 5)
  • Increased Stim from Kait’s Reaper card from 30% to 45% per execution (Level 5)
  • Kait’s Reaper card now heals to max health first to ensure stim is granted.
  • Changed Brutal Efficiency to be valid for all executions instead of only chainsaw kills.
  • Increased Ultimate Cooldown gain from Brutal Efficiency from 25s to 35s. (Level 5)
  • Changed Marcus’ passive from Damage Recharge to Invincible During Executions.
  • Living Legend bypasses reload and gives active rounds.
  • Living Legend now adds 30% Damage Resistance for the duration of the ultimate.
  • Reduced the multiplier of Marcus’ Rifle Feedback card from 0.00090 to 0.00070 (Level 5) to account for Marcus no longer needing to reload during his ultimate.
  • Adjusted the text of Marcus’ Rifle Feedback card to show the exact multiplier of damage for ultimate duration per level on the long description of the card.
  • Increased Marcus’ Dug In card from 50% to 55% damage resistance in cover. (Level 5)
  • Added card “Flank ‘Em” which gives up to 2x damage when hitting enemies from the side or behind.
  • Added card “Headshot Master” which gives up to 50% extra critical damage. (Level 5)
Lizzie Carmine
  • Replaced Movement Speed perk with Damage perk.
  • Replaced Damage Cooldown perk with Ammo Capacity perk.
  • Added card “The Hammer” which gives 70% extra damage with the Dropshot and stuns the enemy for 3.5 seconds. (Level 5)
  • Added card “Enforcer Expert” which gives 50% extra damage with the Enforcer. (Level 5)
  • Increased damage resistance on Lizzie’s Rear Armor card from 55% to 58% (Level 5)
  • Increased freezing speed of Lizzie’s Quick Ice Cannon card from 30% to 45%. (Level 5)
Clayton Carmine
  • Increase Clayton’s ultimate duration from 5 to 6 seconds.
  • Increase duration of Clayton’s Team Resist from 5 to 6 seconds.
  • Changed Clayton’s passive from “damage taken regens ultimate” to “50% of heavy weapon damage returned as healing”.
  • Replaced HP Regen perk with Max Health perk.
  • Replaced Movement Speed perk with Damage perk.
  • Replaced Ammo Capacity perk with Ultimate Duration perk.
  • Replaced Ammo Regeneration perk with Chaingun Ammo Regen perk.
  • Added card “Heavy Capacity” which increases Clayton’s heavy ammo capacity by 125% (Level 5)
  • Added card “Serrated Edge” which gives Clayton 35% bleeding damage with the Torque Bow. (Level 5)
  • Added card “Mulcher Mastery” which gives Clayton 100% extra damage with the Mulcher. (Level 5)
  • Clayton’s Heavy Shell card now causes bleeding damage if Reflect Shredder is also equipped.
  • Changed behavior of Clayton’s Priority Target card from “taunt enemies away from attacking nearby teammates” to “headshot hits taunt the enemy”. Renamed card to Grub Magnet.
  • Changed behavior of Clayton’s Ice Armor card from “damage resistance when freezing” to “Freeze with Cryo Cannon faster”. Renamed card to Flash Freeze
  • Changed behavior of Phoenix Armor from “Receive Stim when respawning after death” to “Receive Stim when revived from DBNO”
  • Increased Clayton’s Phoenix Armor card from 200HP Stim to 450HP Stim. (Level 5)
  • Clayton’s Uncle Clay card now correctly gives damage resistance to Lizzie Carmine in addition to Clayton.
  • Added a 15m range requirement to Clayton’s Concussive Explosives card.
  • Increased damage resistance per hit on Clayton’s Bait Armor card from 5% to 9%. (Level 5)
  • Increased maximum damage resistance on Clayton’s Bait Armor card from 30% to 60%. (Level 5)
  • Increased Clayton’s Grace Period card from 3s to 4.5s. (Level 5)
  • Clayton’s Blast Shield card now gives explosive resistance to teammates within 10 meters.
  • Increased damage of Modified EMBAR from 20% to 25%. (Level 5)
  • Increased damage of Modified Longshot from 20% to 25%. (Level 5)
  • Increased radius of Explosive Critical Hit from 3m to 4m.
  • Adjusted minimum health threshold for Fahz’s Ambush card from 100% to 90%.
  • Increased percent chance of Longshot Handling from 80% to 90% (Level 5)
  • Increase percent of ice damage on Icy Precision from 17% to 25% (Level 5)
  • Increased percent ultimate time per kill of Fahz’s Critical Parade card from 20% to 23% (Level 5)
Cog Gear
  • Changed passive from “Recharging Mark” to “+50% faster HP Regen for COG Gear and allies within 10 meters.”
  • Reduced cooldown of Team Revive from 500s to 450s.
  • Increased amount healed for COG Gear’s Healing Bounty card from 1300HP to 1400HP (Level 5)
  • COG Gear’s Healing Bounty card now correctly heals teammates that kill your marked target.
  • Replaced Damage Cooldown perk with Critical Damage perk.
  • Added card “Intervention” which revives teammates within 9 meters of a kill. (Level 5)
  • Added card “Grenade Capacity” which allows COG Gear to hold 5 additional grenades. (Level 5)
  • Increased percent repaired from COG Gear’s Team Repair card from 30% to 45%. (Level 5)
  • Increased Stim from COG Gear’s Get Up card from 55% to 70%. (Level 5)
Sarah Connor
  • Heavy Preparations now correctly increases ammo capacity for all Heavy weapons.

Operation 4: Reveal Trailer

Operation 4: Release Date

Operation 4 is scheduled to arrive on July 14th 2020, so we don't have long to wait.

Operation 4: Price

As with previous Operations, "Brothers In Arms" is free - giving players the perfect excuse to jump back into Gears 5.

Operation 4: Ranked Mode Changes

According to The Coalition, "we’ve rebuilt the Ranked system to make it more clear and fun.

We understand how valuable a player’s time is so we’ve reworked the rewards in Tour of Duty and overhauled the store so nearly all content can be purchased or earned by playing. And this is all happening in Operation 4."

That's a hefty change that's being implemented with this operation.

Operation 4 Characters

It's been a while, old friend.
click to enlarge

As part of the Operation's teaser trailer (scroll down for a look), we know that Dom is returning.

Having been killed in Gears of War 3, it's fun to see Gears 5 multiplayer become a toybox of classic characters, following on from the addition of General RAAM in the last Operation.

We can't wait to see who arrives alongside Dom.

Operation 4 Maps

This operation's map is sure to be a contentious one, with Gears of War 2's Blood Drive map being the battlefield shown in the teaser trailer.

This symmetrical map has been divisive amongst fans for it's "meatgrinder" style action, but there's always the possibility that more additions are coming alongside it.

For more articles like this, take a look at our Gears 5 page.