Zelda Tears of the Kingdom players are getting around using “flying death Segways” and functional lawnmowers

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Link using a flying vehicle in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
Credit: Nintendo.

With Tears of the Kingdom now having arrived, the lucky Legend of Zelda fans who didn’t have prior commitments have spent the majority of the last few days relentlessly exploring the picturesque plains of Hyrule.

Regardless of how you chose to pass the time while waiting for Nintendo’s latest release to drop or what you’ve thought of the overall experience it offers so far, odds are the array of fuse-compatible weapons and interesting activities on offer will keep you entertained for a good while.

In fact, as the array of interesting in-game creations and shenanigans already being posted to social media prove, for those with active imaginations, the game is full of endless possibilities, an idea which the latest batch of impressive inventions to arrive on Reddit definitely lend credence to.

What kind of vehicles have you created to transport Link around Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom so far?

The first of these cool contraptions, already spotted by Game Rant, is the work of user bishlo, who posted a clip of them blasting Link into space via a “multi-stage rocket operated manually by using interlocking log beams”.

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While it doesn’t quite manage to reach the atmosphere and make the adventurer the first Hylian in space, the craft does reach a great height as its various detachable parts gradually drop off and fall back towards the ground, providing excellent aerial views of Hyrule.

Meanwhile, user Crappy2DollarGamer has chosen to take to the air on a "Flying Death Segway!" powered by fans and armed with energy beams that can easily decimate a Bokoblin base, as they demonstrated in the clip accompanying their post, adding: “It's as fun as it looks! (I) can't wait to fill up my batteries to fly it longer!”

One of the threads on r/zelda.
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On the other hand, user Moist_Worth9556 has opted to keep their feet on the ground, building what might be the game’s first functional lawnmower, which they advertise as being: “Good for farming hightail lizards, rice, and wheat!”

Thankfully for those struggling to build even the most basic forms of transport, the community also continues to serve up some less complex creations, such as user leukenaam13’s horse-powered car, which fellow user CliffExcellent123 referred to as a wonderful example of “over-engineered solutions to easily solvable problems”.

Regardless of how you’ve decided to traverse the vast world Tears of the Kingdom takes place in, make sure to follow us for a bunch of helpful guides that can aid your adventures in Hyrule by showing you how to find the secret Gerudo shop, grab some heat-resistant gear or dress up as a Bokoblin.

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