Warzone bug causes players to get stuck underwater

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Screenshot of Warzone player holding assault rifle underwater and Warzone player inspecting rifle
Credit: Activision

The addition of water to the current iteration of Warzone has provided players dropping into the action with another useful way of navigating the map. Whether you're hopping on a boat or swimming, there are plenty of ways to utilise rivers and seas to gain the upper hand in combat.

With all eyes turning towards the start of Season 4 Reloaded, fans are growing tired of encountering game-breaking bugs and glitches. In recent weeks, a gulag exploit has been allowing ranked players to earn easy SR, while others have suggested that footstep audio is non-existent, making sneaky kills easy to pull off.

The latest issue impacting players involves Vondel’s narrow canal network. Instead of players having the ability to swim around the map, a bug is causing them to get stuck in place just below the surface of the water.

Warzone water bug is causing chaos

Having uncovered the issue during a recent match, Reddit user AngelVP warned others to “just avoid the water…”

The clip they shared shows them diving into the canal and being left stranded, rather than swimming upwards towards the surface, resulting in an untimely elimination.

This instance of being unable to swim after jumping into the water apparently isn’t an isolated incident either. One player responding to the post recalled: “This happened to my duo, but only because I kinda jumped in when he did and landed on him. I had to push him or swim into him to get him out of being stuck.”

In addition to water locking Warzone fans into position, others are reporting that pieces of land are causing similar issues. One reveals: “(I) had this happen to me, but on land at the edge of a hill. I glitched into the scenery and could only move in circles.”

It’s unclear as to what’s causing the water to create a sticky situation for swimmers, but there’s a strong possibility the game's developers are hard at work with a fix to make the water safe once again. For now, it might be best to avoid taking a dip.

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