Warzone ranked exploit allows players to earn easy SR

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Screenshot of Warzone player using a parachute and Warzone ranked player aiming down sights of a gun
Credit: Activision

In order to achieve huge amounts of SR over the course of a ranked Warzone match, players often resort to hiding in order to reach the final placements. Sometimes, even an unintentional exploit can work in their favour.

With the start of Season 4 fast approaching, many are looking forward to a superhero crossover but on the other hand, some aren’t best pleased with a recent change to the coveted Champion’s Quest contract.

The latest issue catching the eyes of players is an exploit that’s allowing players to float above the action for an extended period of time, giving them the best possible chance of victory.

Warzone parachute trick fives players major advantage

Uncovered by Reddit user BearQu3st, the trick sees one player floating high above the circle while the remaining players continue the fight on the ground.

BearQu3st says: “He grabbed a heli, gun and gas mask at the beginning of the game. Then jumped out and stayed there in the air for the rest of the game.” Despite the crafty trick, the user says the floating opponent still managed to lose the game.

While the trick is one way of earning SR to climb the Warzone ranked ladder, other members of the community believe the trick will only work up until a certain point. User Beerman878 says “If you don’t get a bunch of kills or assists, you will get -SR (at the) end of game,” meaning floating in the air might not be as overpowered as first thought.

Although the exploit is hugely frustrating for those hunting the final opponents in the last circle, it’s a unique method to farm SR if players don’t fancy an early visit to the gulag. For now, the developer isn’t stopping players from utilising the exploit to their own benefit.

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