Warzone 2 players furious following nuke contract changes

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Screenshot showing Warzone 2 nuke killstreak exploding and Warzone 2 player wearing nuke skin and holding assault rifle
Credit: Activision

Scoring the coveted nuke killstreak in a Warzone 2 match requires plenty of coordination and communication over the course of a game. For three seasons, players dropping into Call of Duty’s battle royale have needed to score five wins in a row in order to begin the Champion’s Quest.

Ahead of Season 4, fans have recently been preparing for a possible name change, while others have shared their expectations surrounding the brand-new Vondel map, which is set in the heart of Amsterdam.

The latest topic of debate within the community involves Raven Software changing the requirements needed to start the Champion’s Quest, leaving those that have already completed it less than impressed.

Warzone 2 devs adjust nuke contract requirements

On May 7, Raven Software revealed the Champion’s Quest is now available for all battle royale modes for the remainder of Season 3.

One player says: “It’s so stupid considering so many players (ground) out the five wins and completed the contract. Now they’re just handing them out.” In addition to the new criteria, Raven Software has announced that a new set of rewards for completing the objective will arrive as part of the Season 4 update.

The challenge of earning a Warzone 2 nuke was seemingly half the fun of the game for several players. Some even resorted to paying hackers to destroy Al Mazrah, so they that could earn the rewards as fast as possible.

While it’s understandable to see the frustrations of players that have already earned a nuke at the decision, giving the entire player base a chance to score one before the new season begins is the right call, especially when the current selection of rewards will disappear soon.

It’s unclear if the Champion’s Quest will remain active for all players once Season 4 kicks off. If it is, expect areas of the map marked with the logo to contain plenty of stiff opposition.

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