Warzone 2 fans discuss expectations of upcoming Vondel map

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Screenshot of Amsterdam from Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 player holding submachine gun while leaning against a wall
Credit: Activision

The state of Warzone 2 is a topic that often creates plenty of debate among players dropping into the action. Whether it’s an overpowered weapon or a game-breaking bug, there’s always something that’s frustrating the often-vocal community.

With Season 4 right around the corner, fans are turning their attention to Vondel, a brand-new map which caught the eyes of players after a world-famous DJ accidentally posted an overview of it within the artwork of a new single.

Vondel is the second map to arrive during the current cycle, and players are sharing their early expectations and views on whether it will be able to entice fans of battle royale games back to Call of Duty.

Warzone 2 Vondel map expectations

To gather opinions on the new map set in The Netherlands, Reddit user No-Lavishness8593 asked players “What are you hoping for?” regarding its size, layout, and more.

The expectations of one commenter are high: “(I) hope the map is visually appealing and has a good flow.” On the other hand, there are several fans that are simply hoping for a range of bug fixes and changes to improve the game. “Better servers is all I care about,” replies one frustrated fan.

Typically, the arrival of a new Warzone 2 map generates plenty of hype within the community, but with the cycle moving towards its end and players growing tired of various mechanics that are slowing down the action, Vondel could fall flat unless Season 4 introduces widespread changes to movement and server performance is addressed.

According to leaks, Vondel is smaller than Al Mazrah but larger than Ashika Island, meaning the chances of it acting as a second Resurgence map are high. Once Season 4 begins, we’ll see if Vondel has escaped an early trip to the gulag and struck a chord with fans looking for a fresh Warzone 2 experience.

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