Warzone Mobile leak reveals this classic map is returning

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Warzone Mobile players and Ghost firing gun
Credit: Activision

Although it’s only available in specific regions, Warzone Mobile is catching the attention of players looking to get their fix of handheld battle royale action. Call of Duty’s second mobile release has numerous features from the PC and console ports and even integrates with Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 progression.

As players start searching for intel on the Warzone Mobile release time and the best Warzone Mobile guns likely to dominate the early meta, leaks surrounding the game continue to emerge.

The most recent leak to emerge claims another iconic map will join Verdansk in the map pool and it’s another many are familiar with.

Iconic Warzone map coming to Warzone Mobile

According to notable Warzone Mobile leaker @just4leaks2, Rebirth Island is on its way to Warzone Mobile. Its return comes after the map disappeared following the launch of Warzone 2 and the relaunch of Warzone Caldera.

The leak also claims further regions will have access to the game in the not-too-distant future which is great news for players wanting to drop into the maps once again. Alongside the return of Rebirth Island, new content is also on its way to Warzone Mobile’s Team Deathmatch mode which allows players to level up their guns quickly.

In addition to Rebirth Island and new TDM content, it’s claimed all of the above changes will make their way to Warzone Mobile at the start of Season Two. On January 18, Activision revealed the second season of content for the current cycle had been pushed back to allow developers to address issues affecting Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

As always, it’s important to take leaks with a pinch of salt until official confirmation appears but the thought of Rebirth Island and Verdansk returning to Warzone is hugely exciting.

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