Best Warzone Mobile guns - tier list speculation

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Best Warzone Mobile guns - tier list speculation

If you're looking for a speculative list of the best guns from Warzone Mobile, here's everything we know. Using our knowledge of the history of the game, alongside some gameplay footage, here is what we think will be good when the game finally launches.

As the game isn't out and we have limited data, things are due to change quite a lot. For this reason, this list should only be a start for your own research when you finally play the game for yourself. In this list, we go over our choices, why they may be good and what you should know going into the game. Hopefully, we'll know more soon.

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Best Warzone Mobile guns

We have made up this list based on tonnes of footage of the game being played, alongside trailers and more. We have cross-referenced this with our own knowledge of Warzone to come up with a speculative list of what we think the best weapons will be.

Tier Gun
AM4A1, M16, AK47, Expedite 12, Lachman Sub, Rapp H
BRPG, M14, Fennec 45, 556 Icarus, FTac Recon, RAAL MG
CMK2 Carbine, X12, Pila

We have placed the STG A3 at the top of the list. Being an excellent submachine gun with a surprising amount of range, this is a great choice for most players.

The M4A1 follows this up. With a better range but a slightly lower TTK than the previous weapon, this is an incredibly versatile weapon. It's not flashy but it does what it should.

After this, we placed the M16. Though it may be a little harder to hit long-range shots on mobile, it still has high damage and good control.

The AK47 is a legendary Call of Duty weapon. A little less stable than the M16 but better in mid to short-range encounters, there's a reason this weapon is so well known.

The first shotgun on our list, the Expedite 12 has a decent clip size, good range and high damage. Given there are so many corridors and buildings, it's a great secondary weapon to deal with close-range encounters.

Very similar to the MP5, the Lachman Sub is quick and incredibly light. This means you can get to your objective quicker and take down enemies that arrive.

Our first LMG in the list so far is the Rapp H. Though it slows you down a little, it comes with 75 bullets in a clip and a surprisingly quick fire rate.
The RPG is incredibly powerful but leaves you vulnerable if you miss. It is situational but so much fun.

Being one of the slowest weapons in the game, the RAAL MG has huge damage at the cost of a long reload time. It is one of the very best games at holding down an area but you may need a quicker weapon on the side.

The M14 is a truly excellent weapon but may be let down by a mobile device somewhat. It is best at mid to long range but this is where mobile controls may hold you back.

Fennec 45 has tonnes of power but, because of its speedy fire rate, may have a bit of a small clip. You can take down singular enemies pretty easily but teams may pose a problem.

Being very close to the Rapp H, the 556 Icarus is slightly worse but a little easier to find. It's a good choice until you find a better option.


A decent mid-range weapon, the FTac Recon is easy to find but not quite as deadly as its counterparts.

With a great look, the MK2 Carbine could have been greater but is far too slow to be any good. You could throw a scope on it to improve its range but there are better Sniper choices out there.

The Pila is an okay launcher that isn't quite as useful as the RPG. Though not bad, you can get better.

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