Warzone fan builds Verdansk in Minecraft

Warzone Verdansk Minecraft map and Warzone player standing in plane
Credit: Activision

As millions of Warzone 2 players continue dropping into Al Mazrah, there are many fans that reminisce about Verdansk. The map holds a special place in the hearts of those that spent hours playing the first iteration of Warzone.

While some are already turning their attention to the Season One Reloaded update, others are still looking for ways to pay tribute to the battleground making its return in Warzone Mobile.

You might be waiting a while before dropping into Verdansk again. To ease the wait, one fan has decided to recreate the entirety of Verdansk in Minecraft.

Verdansk has come to Minecraft

The chances of Verdansk appearing in Warzone 2 are slim despite the recent appearance of an Easter Egg showing small map snippets. To combat the post-Verdansk blues, Reddit user “Miffydsi” loaded into Minecraft to build the district.

Although the full build isn’t finished yet, you can spot various points of interest including the stadium and the towering downtown skyscrapers. There’s probably even a rooftop camper up there.

As expected, feedback from the community is overwhelmingly positive. One commenter says recreating the whole map is a “big task to undertake” and with so many structures to build, they’re definitely not wrong.

It’s not just Warzone maps being recreated in Minecraft. Back in June, Microsoft joined forces with the National Trust to recreate Dorset’s Corfe Castle. Although the ruins are all that remain, a full-scale model of the castle is available to explore virtually.

With Al Mazrah proving popular, perhaps Miffy will create a Minecraft replica of Rebirth Island for those missing its presence within Warzone Caldera. Not a fan of Warzone 2? The Warzone Caldera servers are online if you prefer the previous iteration of the game.

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