Warzone joins forces with Diablo for The Haunting event

Warzone player holding player and Lilith on red background
Credit: Activision

The Warzone universe is no stranger to hosting collaborations from the world of TV and movies, or other video game franchises. Ranging from playable Operators to in-game events, Call of Duty's battle royale often features memorable crossovers for players dropping into the action to enjoy.

As all eyes turn towards the launch of Season 6, players are looking ahead to the Halloween event, along with various incoming improvements that should improve the lack of target visibility when firing on an opponent.

After revealing several details regarding what the new season has in store, Activision has revealed the battle royale will be joining forces with Blizzard's Diablo series.

Warzone adds Diablo-themed Operators

To celebrate the crossover, Inarius and Lilith from Diablo 4 will arrive as playable Operators, in addition to a new in-game event that allows players to fight The Butcher during a battle royale match.

A recent Call of Duty blog post announcing the collaboration reads: "Demonic altars have also been erected around Vondead, seemingly a source of power for these activities and linked in some way to a feared entity known in myth and legend as The Butcher."

For those brave enough to take on The Butcher, Activision says players will "reap the rewards" by defeating the boss. The exact details of said rewards haven't appeared yet, but we'd expect them to possibly include some weaponry, ammunition, and other items capable of assisting you in your quest for victory.

Judging by the comments on the post, there are plenty of players looking forward to the Diablo crossover. One said: "You guys sucked me back in with this!" Another added: "I can't freakin' wait for this."

The Haunting event kicks off on October 17 as part of the Season 6 Reloaded update, which is expected to be the final content drop of the cycle before the launch of Modern Warfare 3.

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