Diablo 4 Butcher guide - Location, how to defeat, and rewards

Butcher in Diablo.
Credit: Diablo Wiki

Butcher in Diablo.
Credit: Diablo Wiki

The Butcher is a name that casts terror even on the Diablo veterans, as this demon has been terrorising players since the beginning of the series. In this Diablo 4 Butcher guide, we will tell you where to find the monster, how to defeat it, and what rewards you will get from it.

This demon has appeared in almost every Diablo game and is a mascot of sorts now. So, the developers added it to the new project, and The Butcher lives up to its reputation.

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Where to find The Butcher in Diablo 4

The Butcher is a special boss that spawns randomly in dungeons. So, you have a chance to encounter this creature when you explore some caves or catacombs. At the time of this writing, there is no way to spawn the demon and you will have to count on your luck.

Multiple characters are fighting in Diablo 4.
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How to defeat The Butcher in Diablo 4

Well, when we say that you will have to count on your luck, we don’t mean that you are lucky if you encounter The Butcher. The demon is strong and has lots of HP. However, the biggest problem is its damage output and aggressive fighting style.

You will go down pretty quickly if you don’t play carefully, especially if you use a melee character without any mobility skills. Heroes like Sorceress or Rogue are better candidates to fight this boss, as they can perform dashes or teleports.

Basically, you just need to dodge attacks of The Butcher and land counter hits if possible. Also, don’t forget to bring more healing potions, as even a single hit from this boss can take half of your HP.

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The most reliable way to beat the boss is to simply play in a group. Together with your friends or random players, you will be able to focus on The Butcher and defeat it quite easily. At the very least, ranged characters that can deal decent damage from a distance will be able to safely attack the demon while melee fighters distract it.

Also, you can try to simply go to the exit from the room where the boss spawned. There is a bug that causes The Butcher to stop when it approaches the entrance to another room. However, this feature is likely to be fixed in the future.

Can you despawn The Butcher in Diablo 4?

The Butcher despawns when your character dies or after a short period of time. So, you can try to avoid the boss instead of fighting it. This strategy becomes extremely valuable in higher difficulties when The Butcher becomes much more difficult to deal with.

What kind of rewards can you get from The Butcher?

The Butcher drops some rare items just like any elite demon. Also, you have a high chance of getting some Legendary Gear and even a unique Barbarian weapon called The Butcher’s Cleaver. Of course, you will be rewarded with tons of EXP for defeating such a tough monster.

This red and horned demon with a huge hatchet has been around since the first Diablo game. There the creature could appear on the first levels of the Cathedral and beat your character in a few seconds. The terrifying Butcher continues to hunt unwary travellers and we will be glad if this article helps you defeat it. And if you want to read more guides, please check our article on whether you can play Diablo 4 offline.

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