Warzone 2 fan thinks each update makes the game worse

Warzone 2 player holding SMG and Gaz holding sniper rifle
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 player holding SMG and Gaz holding sniper rifle
Credit: Activision

In most cases, a Warzone 2 update manages to improve various elements within Call of Duty’s battle royale. Whether it’s addressing game-breaking bugs or applying nerfs to overpowered weaponry, these updates attempt to improve the experience for everyone dropping into the action.=

With attention slowly turning towards Season Three, some members of the community believe the developers are lazy following a sudden influx of hackers ruining matches while others are still encountering the dreaded buy station bug.

Following the most recent update, one player claims each update is making the game worse, citing numerous factors why the updates are doing more harm than good.

Warzone 2 updates are breaking the game

According to Reddit user Far_Amphibian_8013, the Season Two Reloaded update introduced a range of new problems in addition to making existing issues worse.

“Season Two Reloaded brings HUD invisibility, the worst audio since launch, and a never-ending array of bugs,” states the player. After seeing regular complaints surrounding audio and bugs that often bring matches to an early end, it’s easy to see why frustration continues to grow within the community.

Warzone 2 initially launched with a range of features that differentiated it from its predecessor but after widespread player backlash, Raven Software and Infinity Ward reverted them in an overwhelmingly positive update. “The intentional changes they’re making (namely restoring features we already had) are good,” comments one fan.

On the other hand, the lack of consistent audio combined with new glitches appearing on an almost-daily basis has overshadowed all of the positive changes. On the plus side, the developers do take community feedback on board. Let’s hope they can address the issues and release an update that solves the majority of problems once and for all.

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