Warzone 2 players blast 'lazy devs' over cheating issues

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Warzone 2 player aiming with gun and Ghost standing on rooftop with red box outlining head
Credit: Activision

Over the course of the Warzone 2 cycle, Infinity Ward and Raven Software have attempted to combat the ever-increasing number of hackers ruining Call of Duty’s battle royale. Despite introducing Ricochet anti-cheat during the Pacific era, players are still finding loopholes to beat the system.

With Season Two Reloaded in full swing, there are no signs of the sudden cheating influx slowing down. Whether it’s Al Mazrah or Ashika Island, members of the community continue to encounter hackers with an unnatural aim and the ability to shoot through walls with ease.

Despite the best efforts of the developers, there’s no sign of any intervention in a bid to stop the hackers and it appears players have had enough.

Have Warzone 2 devs given up against cheaters?

After jumping into a match and running into another hacker, Reddit user FlashisSpeed claims the team behind Call of Duty’s anti-cheat is “lazy on cheating” and isn’t doing enough to deter cheaters from dropping into matches.

“The devs have been doing absolutely nothing to stem the massive cheating problem,” reveals the frustrated fan. Usually, Ricochet often releases updates surrounding its efforts to stop hackers in Call of Duty but the last one to appear was in October 2022 leaving many wondering what’s being done behind the scenes.

Alongside the continuing increase of Warzone 2 hackers, fans are also growing tired of accidental shadowbans preventing them from playing for several weeks. “Cheaters roam freely while legit players get shadowbanned for playing well. Completely incompetent,” comments another player.

It’s not just Warzone 2 players receiving shadowbans. The world’s best Modern Warfare 2 ranked player has a temporary suspension following a string of false reports. It’s time for Activision to intervene in order to stop the current cheating issues from spiralling even further out of control.

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