Warzone 2 players slam 'unsatisfying' gameplay

Warzone 2 players on entry ramp
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2’s first season is well underway. Millions of players are dropping into Call of Duty’s latest battle royale offering and based on early impressions, feedback from the community is looking positive.

Featuring a reworked gulag and a brand-new map in the form of Al Mazrah, several players have switched from Caldera in a bid to become the last one standing again.

Despite all of Infinity Ward’s innovations and improvements, some players claim the game isn’t satisfying to play due to numerous factors including Warzone 2’s speedy time to kill.

Has Warzone 2 lost its edge?

After dropping into the action, Reddit user “GreasyMustardTiger_” believe the game “has good bones, but the gameplay loop is not satisfying.” The user says the lack of satisfaction comes from the convoluted looting process and the lack of audio cues triggered when an enemy is nearby.

“You genuinely do not have time to turn and challenge someone in this game,” says the user. It’s not just this user who is already frustrated with the battle royale. “It was not exciting at all because I didn’t feel like I could press the action,” comments another fan. Having the ability to take on an entire squad by yourself was a unique selling point in the first Warzone but due to the slower pace, many find themselves camped on a rooftop attempting to pick off enemies from a distance.

Although Al Mazrah is a huge improvement on Caldera, players are already waiting for a smaller map to arrive. “Needs a resurgence map to get more people acquainted with everything,” claims one user.

Activision says a smaller map is on its way to Warzone 2 in early 2023 so there are still a few months of large-scale action before a new battleground appears.

For those that aren’t fans of Warzone 2, Warzone Caldera will provide a faster pace so there’s still plenty of battle royale action to cater to everyone’s demands.

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