Warzone 2 suppressors are useless following 'secret update'

Warzone 2 useless suppressors
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 useless suppressors
Credit: Activision

Selecting a suppressor when building a Warzone 2 loadout has a wealth of benefits that give you an advantage when dropping into Al Mazrah. Alongside the ability to conceal your location from the on-screen compass, several suppressors improve damage output and even recoil control.

With eyes turning to the launch of Season Two, Infinity Ward and Raven Software continue to address various issues within the battle royale despite guns randomly disappearing and helicopters exploding in mid-air.

As part of a small update without any kind of patch notes, players claim suppressors are now useless resulting in a potentially major shift to the existing meta.

Suppressors receive major nerf

Suppressors in Warzone 2 share the same characteristics as Modern Warfare 2, meaning they still reveal your location on the mini-map. As of January 11, Warzone content creator WhosImmortal claims the secret update has removed all red dots from the in-game compass.

“I feel like this update has made suppressors completely useless,” explains the creator. He continues after stating the attachment isn’t worth using “for mid-range and close range where velocity and accuracy isn’t always a huge deal.”

Instead of equipping a suppressor, WhosImmortal suggests equipping other muzzles that enhance aim-down sight speed and mobility as there’s no need for you to use suppressors if you’re looking for an extra element of stealth over the course of a match.

Although the attachments are no longer viable options in close-quarters and mid-range combat, they’re still strong in long-distance duels so make sure you don’t remove it from your RPK just yet.

A new season of content isn’t far away and there’s a possibility of other major changes arriving in Warzone 2. The removal of stealthy suppressors could be the start of further adjustments as developers attempt to improve the current state of the game.

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