Warzone 2 player outsmarts opponent with simple parachute trick

Warzone 2 parachute trick
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 parachute trick
Credit: Activision

There are several tricks Warzone 2 players can master in order to gain the upper hand over the opposition. For the early years of Call of Duty’s battle royale, slide cancelling was a key ingredient players needed to utilise to move around Verdansk as fast as possible.

With Season Two well underway, the days of slide cancelling are long gone. But, there are still several ways to outwit nearby opponents in Al Mazrah and Ashika Island over the course of a match.

During a recent visit to Al Mazrah, one player manages to draw out two enemies by pulling the parachute without falling to the ground.

Warzone 2 parachute trick bamboozles opposition

Uncovered by Reddit user theGivvyOfficial, the player ends up stranded on a building rooftop surrounded by two opponents. After downing one attempting to climb a ladder, they perform an ingenious trick to lure the second enemy into the open.

Although the trick hasn’t appeared in the first two seasons of Warzone 2, eagle-eyed members of the community believe that this tactic has featured in the battle royale since the days of Verdansk. “This was around as far back as Verdansk,” says one commenter.

Other players believe the parachute trick isn’t as effective as camping on the rooftop without trying to lure anyone out into the open. “So the trick is camping? Think everyone already knows about that,” comments one fan who isn’t a fan of players using buildings and a slower pace to gain an advantage.

How to do Warzone 2 parachute trick

Judging by the video, performing the parachute trick is incredibly straightforward. To master the trick, climb onto the rooftop and stand close to the edge. Jump and quickly pull the parachute before landing back onto the rooftop.

The trick itself is incredibly simple and when done correctly, could be the difference between scoring another elimination or taking an early trip to the gulag.

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