Warzone 2 player says mid-season update is worst in CoD history

Warzone 2 Farah and Zeus with Comic Book Guy in foreground
Credit: Activision / 20th Century Fox

Warzone 2 Farah and Zeus with Comic Book Guy in foreground
Credit: Activision / 20th Century Fox

The second half of Warzone 2’s first post-launch content season is underway following the release of the Season One Reloaded update. The mid-season update for the battle royale contains plenty of bug fixes in addition to the arrival of the Chimera assault rifle.

Although the arrival of new content is always exciting, the majority of players were hoping Infinity Ward would address some of the glaring issues raised by the community in the opening weeks of the cycle.

As players get to grips with the Season One Reloaded patch notes, one disgruntled fan claims the mid-season update is the worst in the history of the storied shooter franchise.

Is the Warzone 2 Season One Reloaded update the worst ever?

Despite the update containing plenty of fixes to existing problems, Reddit user “TheDuckStrikesBack” says Season One Reloaded is “genuinely the worst update in CoD history” before listing their reasons why.

Reasons include problems that cause the game to crash unexpectedly and a lack of buffs and nerfs to address the inconsistent time to kill. TheDuckStrikesBack goes on to say “the lack of communication is truly pathetic,” suggesting Infinity Ward hasn’t done enough to gather community feedback and apply it to the update.

On the other hand, one commenter believes the user is angry the developer hasn’t adjusted Warzone 2 to play like Warzone Caldera, which still provides the fast-paced action many enjoy. “Sounds like you just wanna play Warzone 1 to me.”

Other users believe some members of the community should enjoy Warzone 2 for what it is rather than continue complaining. “Pretending that it is this unplayable burning dumpster fire is just not accurate,” states one user.

It’s fair to say the addition of the Warzone Cup LTM has missed the mark when there are still major problems with the battle royale. However, there’s still plenty of time for Infinity Ward to make changes so you have an enjoyable experience. If Warzone 2 isn’t for you, there’s always Warzone Caldera to fall back on.

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