Warzone 2 graphics glitch turns gulag invisible and gives free wall hacks

Warzone 2 invisible gulag
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 invisible gulag
Credit: Activision

The gulag in Warzone 2 gives those that visit a second chance at becoming victorious in Al Mazrah. Whether it’s defeating the jailer or the opposing team, returning to the action is hugely satisfying. The current gulag doesn’t feature many clear-cut sightlines, meaning players need to hunt down their targets using audio cues and precise timing to secure the kills.

With Season Two on the horizon, the community is looking forward to the return of a 1v1 gulag in addition to the arrival of a much-needed customisation feature that could spice up the game even further.

However, the final days of Season One continue to see new game-breaking bugs appear. The latest one sees the gulag turn completely invisible, resulting in free wall hacks for anyone doing battle.

The Warzone 2 gulag has free wall hacks!

Uncovered by Reddit user firesnatch1, the player ends up in the gulag only to find the surrounding area has completely disappeared. With no obstruction, they’re able to spot the location of the other players with ease.

“I guess this gulag is located in the sky somewhere,” jokes the user. Despite having the ability to see where the enemies are, the map layout remains the same meaning players can’t shoot through existing walls or see where they are. “The main disadvantage is that you can’t tell if you are shooting at a wall or not,” explains firesnatch1.

Seeing through walls isn’t the only exploit players are taking advantage of during their time in Al Mazrah. One fan has discovered an in-game teleportation ability which allows them to navigate the map at a lightning-fast speed.

The exact cause of the invisible gulag is unclear but with a brand-new season on the horizon, there’s a high chance Infinity Ward will address the issue and stop it from disappearing once and for all.

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