Warzone 2 streamer claims Infinity Ward makes fun of high-skilled players

IceManIsaac looking up and Infinity Ward logo
Credit: IceManIsaac / Infinity Ward

IceManIsaac looking up and Infinity Ward logo
Credit: IceManIsaac / Infinity Ward

Creating a skill gap in Warzone 2 is a hot topic of conversation within the community. With players dropping into Al Mazrah and Ashika Island on a regular basis, there are only a handful of ways to gain the upper hand thanks to lightning-fast time-to-kill and slow movement mechanics.

As Call of Duty’s battle royale heads towards the Season Two Reloaded update, content creators claim Warzone 2 is the ‘laughing stock’ of the genre while others are desperate for developers to implement a shotgun nerf.

During a recent stream, IceManIsaac claims developers at Infinity Ward are making fun of high-skilled players that master the mechanics so they gain an advantage over the opposition.

Warzone 2 devs aren't fans of movement players

On March 8, the content creator known for showcasing his Warzone 2 skills, took aim at Infinity Ward after spotting one developer liking Twitter posts that made fun of players with a greater understanding of the game.

“There’s a developer on Twitter making fun of movement players. If you’re only good with movement, maybe you’re not good at all,” reveals the streamer. The slower pace of play often causes debate among players following a slight movement increase when using armour plates. Aside from that, Warzone 2 plays much slower than the first Warzone, resulting in more camping and less of the fast-paced action Call of Duty is famous for.

Prior to calling out Infinity Ward, Isaac showcased how basic the game’s movement mechanics are by taping his finger onto the controller and winning. “You are not creating something new and tactical, your game sucks.”

There are plenty of others that agree with Isaac’s comments surrounding the sluggish movement. “Slide cancelling was cheese but removing the movement skill gap altogether is not the answer,” says another frustrated fan. “The worst is hurdling and climbing,” reveals another player.“

It’s unclear to see why Infinity Ward isn’t acknowledging player feedback following the widespread adjustments made at the start of Season Two. Is it time for Raven Software to take full control once again? We’ll have to wait and see what the future of Warzone 2 holds.

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