Warzone 2 players desperate for shotgun nerf

Warzone 2 shotgun nerf needed
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 shotgun nerf needed
Credit: Activision

Thanks to regular doses of weapon balancing from the Warzone 2 developers, the meta is constantly changing. Despite numerous buffs and nerfs, players always find the next best thing to equip as part of their loadouts.

As Season Two Reloaded moves into view, the RPK and Fennec 45 remain viable options in Call of Duty’s battle royale but the recent addition of a gun that levels the playing field between mouse and keyboard users and controller players.

Since then, this particular shotgun is dominating the meta and players have had enough.

Do Warzone 2 shotguns need nerfing?

After experiencing the immense firepower of the KV Broadside with incendiary rounds loaded into the magazine, Reddit user JustLawly is growing tired of the shotgun dominating close-range combat.

Although many are frustrated with the return of the doof-doof, others think that it’s refreshing to see a shotgun deal plenty of damage when up close and personal with the opposition. “Shotguns should be extremely powerful at short range,” says one fan.

However, there aren’t many members of the community that appreciate a shotgun meta. “Shotgun metas suck because anyone can land shots with a shotgun,” claims another player. It’s hard to argue with that thanks to the KV Broadside’s incredible hip-fire accuracy taking away any kind of skill gap.

The dominance of a fire-breathing shotgun isn’t new. The first version of Warzone saw the R9-0 shotgun skyrocket in popularity thanks to dragon’s breath rounds and a semi-automatic firing mechanism that spawned the infamous doof-doof sound.

There’s every possibility Raven Software is aware of the current meta and with the mid-season update a few weeks away, a major nerf to the KV Broadside will guarantee some kind of skill gap returns to close-quarters action.

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