Warzone 2 glitch causes helicopters to fly through buildings

Warzone 2 Helicopter building glitch
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 Helicopter building glitch
Credit: Activision

The presence of helicopters patrolling the skies in Warzone 2 isn’t anything new. Call of Duty’s battle royale has a wealth of vehicles perfect for players to navigate Al Mazrah and Ashika Island as fast as possible.

With Season Two finally here, there are still numerous bugs and glitches impacting players dropping into the action on a regular basis. Vehicular glitches aren’t anything new. Trucks continue driving underwater and there are still occasions where choppers explode in mid-air.

The latest problem emerging involves the helicopter once again. This time around, a glitch is allowing them to fly straight through buildings.

Warzone 2 helicopter building glitch

Uncovered by Reddit user ArnieNumeroUno, a helicopter operated by the AI flies straight through the wall of a nearby building and wipes out the rest of their squadmates.

Thankfully, the player reveals they managed to revive everyone and were able to continue the match with a numerical advantage. According to other members of the community, the airport control tower is a common place for this particular issue to take place. “Seems to be relatively common at the control tower. Hopefully, they fix that.”

Although encountering the problem is far from ideal, the next major update for Warzone 2 is right around the corner. Usually, seasonal updates contain plenty of bug fixes meaning there’s a high chance of choppers flying above nearby structures instead of through them.

While many hope Infinity Ward and Raven Software can address the issue, there are more sceptical fans who believe the glitch will stay even after the next round of bug fixes is applied. “It’s been there since DMZ/Warzone 2 was out. This bug won’t get fixed till MW2.5.” As there’s not long to wait before Season Two launches, we’ll soon find out if choppers keep glitching into walls or decide to fly high in the sky.

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