Warzone 2 players demand major nerf to this vital gameplay mechanic

Warzone 2 gameplay mechanic nerf
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 gameplay mechanic nerf
Credit: Activision

Infinity Ward and Raven Software constantly fine-tune various aspects of Warzone 2 to maintain some balance within the battle royale. So far, the developers have managed to stabilise multiple game elements, ranging from the ever-changing meta to numerous bugs and glitches.

With attention turning towards the launch of Season Two, the community hopes the return of the 1v1 gulag and a much-needed dose of weapon balancing provides drastic improvements to the current state of the game.

Players are constantly suggesting new additions to Warzone 2. The most recent involves the possibility of nerfing a core gameplay element that could transform the early stages of a match.

Warzone 2 melee needs a nerf

Following an early trip to the gulag, Reddit user MajorMitch69 claims melee damage ‘needs a serious nerf’ after falling victim to a flurry of fists from a nearby opponent. Despite breaking armour with the starting pistol, the bullets were no match against well-placed punches.

On one hand, it looks like melee damage is far too high but on the other, it looks like MajorMitch could’ve outplayed the unarmed opponent. “Bunny jumping wasn’t necessary,” reveals one player. “The other player didn’t have a gun,” suggesting the bouncing was the cause of death rather than the high melee damage.

Upon further investigation, melee damage in Warzone 2 is somewhat overpowered. “Is there an argument as to why melee does so much damage?” questions one fan. “So little Timmy can get some melee kills,” replies another who believes the developers have upped its power in order to cater to the casual player base.

Considering there are numerous players that want some kind of skill gap in order to separate the good from the bad, there’s a high chance Infinity Ward and Raven Software has further changes in store when the new season launches.

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