Father and son Warzone 2 duo score first nuke

A father and son winning a match of Warzone 2
Credit: Activision / Twitch: TheGigaDad

A father and son winning a match of Warzone 2
Credit: Activision / Twitch: TheGigaDad

Scoring a nuke in Warzone 2 is no easy feat. Players dropping into Al Mazrah often attempt to earn one and bring their match to an early end. Needing five wins in a row and plenty of co-ordination, many attempt to get their hands on a nuke with varying degrees of success.

Ahead of the anticipated Season Two update, fans continue to earn nukes using all kinds of techniques including scoring the game-ending streak without firing a single bullet at their opponents.

The latest dynamic duo to obtain a nuke in Warzone 2 is a Twitch-streaming father and their seven-year son, who managed to complete the feat during a recent broadcast.

Seven-year-old scores Warzone 2 nuke

Content creator TheGigaDad has played games with his son since he was five years old and on January 11, the two celebrated earning the title of Champion’s Domination.

The wholesome moment seen by 1.2 million Twitter fans led to plenty of positivity from the rest of the community. Additionally, TheGigaDad reveals his son managed to score a nuke before battle royale extraordinaire and FaZe Clan member NICKMERCS. “Taj got a nuke before his hero NICKMERCS, so his confidence is soaring.”

Another user puts the streamer in early contention for the father of the year award following their Warzone 2 achievement. “TheGigaDad is an early candidate for Father of the Year 2023.”

There’s always plenty of complaining and critiquing when it comes to sharing certain gameplay clips. In the world of Modern Warfare 2, a clip of a controller player without any aim assist has split the opinions of players. Many believe it’s a case of exceptional skill but there are plenty of sceptics who say it’s another case of blatant hacking.

I’ve dropped into Al Mazrah on numerous occasions and I’ve never come close to scoring a nuke. Without the skills of TheGigaDad’s son, there’s every chance I won’t be scoring one anytime soon.

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