Warzone 2 streamers score nuke without firing a bullet

Warzone nuke and Warzone 2 player carrying rifle
Credit: Activision

Warzone nuke and Warzone 2 player carrying rifle
Credit: Activision

Scoring a nuke in Warzone 2 requires plenty of patience and the ability to score plenty of kills in order to stop anyone from defusing the device. With Season One Reloaded in full swing, many continue dropping into Al Mazrah on their quest to complete the challenge.

If you manage to detonate the device, it’s an automatic victory for you and your squad but if your match comes to an early end, the process of earning consecutive wins starts all over again.

While many choose to shoot any opposition on their way to victory, a group of Warzone 2 streamers have raised the stakes after managing to earn a nuke without firing a single shot.

Warzone 2 no-bullet nuke

In a recent session, content creators BobbyPoff, Irrational, and Dill dropped into Al Mazrah needing to collect the elements to arm the bomb. Rather than shooting anyone that tried to stop them, they managed to complete the task without shooting anyone. As you can see by BobbyPoff’s reaction, they’re pretty pleased with the accomplishment.

With the riot shield coming to the rescue of the squad during the attempts, one fan jokes a riot shield meta is on the horizon. To commemorate the achievement, another commenter suggests a unique name for the challenge.”This needs to be named the pacifist's nuke.”

Even with firing bullets, scoring a Warzone 2 nuke is the hardest and most explosive way to win a match. Considering the streamers have earned a no-bullet nuke, what’s next? Scoring a nuke with no weapons whatsoever? Only time will tell which elaborate victory method players come up with next. Until then, see if you can score a nuke without using your favourite guns.

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