Warzone 2 player discovers amazing in-game teleporting ability

Warzone 2 player holding Portal gun and Portal 2 Chell
Credit: Activision / Valve

The current state of Warzone 2 continues to cause frustration among players dropping into the action on a regular basis. Call of Duty’s latest battle royale is experiencing a downward run of form with its Steam player count falling and graphical glitches transforming the map into Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road.

With rumours of a delay to Season Two starting to circulate, fans will need to wait a little longer before a fresh batch of content and numerous bug fixes attempt to address the problems affecting various aspects of the game.

The latest glitch players are taking advantage of involves teleporting across the map with the help of a window acting as a mysterious portal.

Warzone 2 teleportation portal

Uncovered by Reddit user LilUziSeph, this particular exploit involves dolphin diving through a window. Infinity Ward included the diving mechanic so players could enter buildings in the heat of battle but the developer didn’t have fast travel on its mind.

The thought of jumping through a window to another area of Al Mazrah has its advantages but instead of the exploit grinding the gears of fans, the constant diving in the short clip has sent the comments section into meltdown. “Stop switching guns and dolphin diving,” says one user.

Although many believe the dolphin diving is completely unnecessary, there’s some method to the madness of diving all over Al Mazrah. “I’ve heard that dolphin diving is faster because it refreshes your tac sprint.” By performing two dives, players have full access to a fresh dose of Tactical Sprint which is essential when moving around the map without a vehicle.

There are many problems affecting Warzone 2 and teleporting to random areas of the map by performing a relatively basic movement mechanic is another addition to the ever-expanding list. Let’s hope the rumoured delay gives the developer a chance to iron out the problems to spark a resurgence for the battle royale.

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