Warzone 2 fans want console-only matchmaking to avoid hackers

Warzone 2 console-only matchmaking
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 console-only matchmaking
Credit: Activision

Hackers are no strangers to dropping into Warzone 2 much to the annoyance of legitimate players attempting to score a win in Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Despite the presence of Ricochet anti-cheat, some gaining an unfair advantage are slipping through the net.

With Season Two finally here, reports of hackers using lag switches to disrupt lobbies continue to increase alongside false reports resulting in shadowbans after some players have scored a win.

In a bid to prevent further instances of cheating in Call of Duty’s battle royale, console players are calling on developers to implement console-only matchmaking.

Warzone 2 console-only matchmaking

The suggestion comes from Reddit user mackeydesigns who is growing tired of running into cheaters ruining matches for everyone. “The frequency in getting hit with lag switching and cheaters lately is getting frustrating.”

“If you’re not going to keep Ricochet up-to-date, then help us out by allowing us to matchmake against consoles only.” In theory, having Xbox and PlayStation players join forces sounds like a good idea but isolating innocent PC players isn’t fair if they still encounter hackers on a regular basis.

“I miss CoD before crossplay,” says one fan. “Everyone was on the same level playing field knowing absolutely no one could be using aimbot/wallhacks.”

Usually, the start of a brand-new season sees improvements to Ricochet’s handling of hackers so there’s always a chance of not needing console-only crossplay to combat the issue. One player believes Warzone 2 should feature input-based matchmaking instead. “I wish there was a mkb only mode.”

Having controller players in one bracket while mouse and keyboard users have their own is a good idea considering the age-old debate surrounding aim assist but would it stop hackers from ruining matches? Activision needs to intervene before lag switching and the sudden influx of hackers get out of hand.

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