Warzone 2 player 'hacked' after scoring a win

Warzone 2 post-game shadowban hack
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 post-game shadowban hack
Credit: Activision

There’s nothing more frustrating than dropping into a Warzone 2 match and encountering a hacker using some kind of software to gain an unfair advantage over the course of a match. In addition to the usual doses of aimbots and wall hacks, some are continuing to cause chaos in Al Mazrah.

As all eyes turn towards the launch of Season Two, fans are growing tired of hackers ruining matches using lag switching to eliminate their opponents with ease. Alongside the lag switching, members of the community believe they’re expanding their influence outside of the battle royale.

After managing to score a victory, one player believes they were hacked after returning to the main menu.

Warzone 2 post-game hacks

During a recent session, Reddit user LETSG0AVS reveals one of their squadmates received a suspicious message leaving them unable to find a match if they were in the same party. “Is this a salty hacker or something?” questions the player.

Although they’re still able to join the same pre-match lobby, LETSG0AVS is unable to find a match with their ‘hacked’ squadmate in the game. While it sounds like a hack, other members of the community have found the cause. “He has been shadowbanned,” explains one commenter. “Your friend is shadowbanned after numerous reports of cheating,” says another.

There’s a strong possibility the player wasn’t cheating but the reporting system used by players to highlight any wrongdoing is often abused which is far from ideal for innocent bystanders.

Thankfully, shadowbans are usually temporary so the player in question will have the ability to join forces with the rest of the squad in a few days' time. For the time being, they’ll have to play the waiting game before heading into the new season.

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