Sims player left astonished by barrage of embarrassing, toilet-based deaths

An image of some sims laughing in The Sims 4.

An image of some sims laughing in The Sims 4.

While those willing to mod the Sims have been up to some crazy things over the years, the vanilla versions of the games arguably offer just as much in the way of wacky glitches and hilarious occurrences.

Whether it’s a wedding gone terribly wrong, a ghostly hug, or a family of Keanu Reeves clones, things just keep getting weirder with each new update.

That said, it seems like one player on Reddit might have topped everyone else when it comes to quirky, game-altering developments.

Have you ever had a Sims playthrough go this wrong?

The strange event that’s afflicting their game is the subject of a thread in the subreddit r/thesims, which began with a post from the player themselves, user ParticularWater8955, who irately declared: “All my sims pee themselves & die out of embarrassment.”

Thankfully, they elaborated, explaining that, following the installation of an update to their game, almost all of the sims in their neighbourhood, including NPCs, had suddenly started urinating at random intervals regardless of their needs at that moment, leading many of them to literally die from embarrassment at having done so in public.

Their fellow Sims stans seemed caught between a desire to help in finding a fix and the unstoppable urge to laugh at the absurdity of the situation, with user Lelianah summing up the mood by saying: “I don't know how to fix that bug, but this post just made me burst out in laughter.”

Thankfully, user AndreaHBTL stepped up to save the day, asking ParticularWater8955: “Are you playing through Origin or EA? If (it’s) Origin right click (on) your game in (the) library and press repair, also press update. If that doesn’t work uninstall and reinstall both apps,” while confusedseel added that deleting the game’s cache might be worth looking into.

On the other hand, user allnaturalfigjam picked up on ParticularWater8955’s comment that they’d disabled all of their mods, recommending: “(The) first thing I would do is disable all mods and see if that fixes it, then re-enable them one by one.”

Sadly, it’s unclear whether any of these steps came quick enough to save user NerdKR, who admitted: “I'm sorry, but I laughed so hard I peed myself. I feel like I could die of embarrassment.”

However, thankfully user ZryMan came up with a watertight solution that’s guaranteed to work if all else fails, simply declaring: “Make them wear diapers.”

Regardless of whether your Sims would die from embarrassment if they were forced to don a bit of extra protection, make sure to follow us for more Sims updates as a range of new content arrives for you to pick up.

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