Modded Sims player has 17k simoleons worth of drugs confiscated by police

An image of a sim making a hasty exit.

An image of a sim making a hasty exit.

While the vanilla Sims games have been home to some pretty strange occurrences, including werewolf graduation ceremonies and a family of Keanu Reeves clones, mods can take things to another level.

After all, how else are you supposed to make your dream of an M-rated Sims game that plays more like GTA a reality when EA’s updates are all PG?

Well, one player using mods has found that the adult Sims experience isn't all parties and uncensored bedroom encounters, having evaded up in some serious hot water.

Officer, I simply have no idea how that got there, it must be someone else’s mod!

The thread in the subreddit r/thesims discussing this incident began with a post from the unfortunate player themselves, user girlhelpimdying, who posted an image of their sim and captioned it: “I got arrested and they took all my weed. I HAD 17 THOUSAND SIMOLEONS WORTH OF WEED IN MY INVENTORY.”

It was quickly established that they weren’t referring to the vanilla game’s house plants, with the basemental series of mods, many of which bring more adult features to The Sims, being established as the culprit behind the crime, well, aside from the player themselves.

Luckily, user komradekommunism was on hand to establish the facts by providing a news report on the incident, saying: “police report $8.5k worth of weed seized in Pleasant View. More at 11”, while Hita-san-chan mused: “too real, Basemental. Too real.”

Meanwhile, user ericakay15 provided some criminal-to-criminal advice to prevent girlhelpimdying’s sim from reoffending once she’s released, saying: “when you see the cops (they wear all black) show up for you, pause your game, get yourself a storage chest (like the one from university) and put everything you can in there” and adding: “just put it all back into that sim’s inventory when they get out. You'll also need to do the same when they go to court and prison.”

Other users simply pointed out that the sim herself didn’t seem too bothered by the arrest, with sentientkumquat saying: “She looks really happy. The decorations in her cell must be awesome!” and Argelicious suggesting she had: “the look of someone who is going to do it again.”

Elsewhere in the thread, girlhelpimdying revealed that the sim is actually the child of Santa Claus, leading some players to suggest that spreading joy might just be in her nature.

Regardless of whether you think Santa would be proud of his child for succumbing to the devil’s lettuce, make sure to follow us for more Sims updates as a range of new content arrives for you to pick up.

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