Sims players discuss the absolute worst things they’ve done in-game

An image of some sims laughing in The Sims 4.

An image of some sims laughing in The Sims 4.

While those willing to mod the Sims have gotten up to some crazy things over the years, the vanilla versions of the games arguably offer just as much in the way of wacky glitches and hilarious occurrences.

Whether it’s a wedding gone terribly wrong, a ghostly hug or a family of Keanu Reeves clones, things just keep getting weirder with each new update.

That said, it seems unlikely that the addition of high schools to The Sims 4 can be blamed for all of the terrible tales told by a group of players who recently gathered together on Reddit to discuss examples of when The Sims simply went bad for them.

Ever wondered just how cursed the worst Sims playthroughs can get?

This topic is the subject of a thread in the subreddit r/thesims, which began with a post from user BettyLoops, who asked: “What's ACTUALLY the worst thing you've done in The Sims?”, adding: “I'm not talking about any of those easy ‘I made a family where the husband cheats and the daughter is a pregnant teen stripper!’ answers. I mean the really bad stuff.”

The example that they provided from their own sordid Sims history involved only allowing sims that they considered attractive to breed, resulting in a town destined to die out because related sims can’t procreate together, saying: “This genuinely haunts me and I refuse to tell anyone irl about it because I don't know how I can look someone in the eyes and tell them I practised eugenics in The Sims as a kid.”

Their fellow Sims stans had plenty of similarly terrible tales, with user GloomyRest telling the story of a plumbot sim in The Sims 3 being given the ability to love and having an affair with his young adult daughter behind her boyfriend’s back.

On the other hand, user DefyReality2013 lived up to their username via their submission, saying: “Back in The Sims Bustin’ Out when I was little, I would host a fake reality show with my sims called ‘Who Dies First!’. I put four sims on an empty lot and starved them to death. The winner would get a house and all the essentials.”

Meanwhile, user ButterScotchMagic also had an interesting approach to catering to their sims’ needs, saying that they combated struggling to meet their sims’ needs by creating one who “stayed in the basement and only cooked, cleaned, and did minor caretaking for the child.”

User N0tACreativeName had a submission worthy of any true crime podcast, with their sim having been a serial killer who would take his friends to isolated places and try to set them on fire.

It doesn't seem like these tales were being viewed as cautionary by those who couldn't contribute either, with user asimplejugofmead saying: “definitely not taking notes in this thread for my chaotic saves….”

Regardless of what you’re planning to get up to during your next trip to Simsville, make sure to follow us for more Sims updates as a range of new content arrives for you to pick up.

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