Mario streamer attempts to beat 25 consecutive Mario Maker levels without dying

Mario in Super Mario Maker 2.
Credit: Nintendo/Dougdoug on Twitter.

Mario in Super Mario Maker 2.
Credit: Nintendo/Dougdoug on Twitter.

Regardless of how big a fan you were of Chris Pratt’s Mario voice, odds are if you’re into Nintendo games, you’ve already been or made plans to see the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

While there was some mild controversy around the film’s pre-release promos and initial reception, it’s since delivered undeniably great box office numbers, with most fans of the moustachioed plumber seemingly coming out of it getting pretty much exactly what they wanted.

If your cinema trip has left you with a lingering thirst for interesting Mario-related things to watch, streamer DougDoug’s latest challenge might be worth taking a look at.

Do you think you could rack up a 25-level Mario Maker streak without having the plumber perish?

Said trial took place during a recent broadcast by the streamer and YouTuber, who, while most widely known for his bizarre GTA 5 and Skyrim content, has also previously done a number of Mario-based challenges, including an eye-tracker nipple% speedrun and some blindfolded Mario Maker.

This time, their aim was to complete a run of 25 normal Super Mario Maker 2 levels without losing a single life, which they admitted was less than the 50 some other creators have attempted, but described as: “very (achievable) for me (in theory).”

Despite having gotten some jumping practice under their belt, DougDoug’s first attempt ended with an almost immediate death, which they blamed on the impossible nature of certain levels, which a successful run would seemingly have to avoid.

Unfortunately, the RNG seemingly wasn’t on DougDoug’s side, with the streamer struggling to even best ten levels in a row over the course of multiple attempts, many of which ended in incredibly sudden and frustrating fashion.

As a result, the stream ended with DougDoug asking an AI to compose a sad poem to eulogise his failure, which, as you might imagine, ended up being pretty terrible.

That said, the streamer does have a track record of persevering until challenges are conquered, no matter how hard they prove, so the lofty goal of 25 levels might not remain out of reach forever.

Regardless of whether you’re now studying Dougdoug’s struggles in preparation for your own shot at earning Mario Maker glory, make sure to follow us for guides to all things Mario and Nintendo.

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