Super Mario eye-tracker nipple% speedrun sees YouTuber reset every time they look at the plumber

Mario engaging in some wacky hijinks.
Credit: Nintendo.

Mario engaging in some wacky hijinks.
Credit: Nintendo.

Regardless of how big a fan you are of Chris Pratt’s Mario voice, odds are if you’re into Nintendo games, you’re looking forward to giving the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie a watch when it arrives in cinemas on April 5.

While you’ve still got a little bit of time to wait yet, there are plenty of things you can check out in the interim to help sate your appetite for everyone’s favourite mushroom-consuming and Koopa-stomping manual labourer and celebrate #MAR10Day.

For those who aren’t fans of Jack Black’s nether regions and have already seen the film’s latest trailer several hundred times, it might be worth heading over to Twitch, where YouTuber DougDoug has recently been doing a pretty strange Super Mario Odyssey speedrun.

Have you been celebrating the release of a new Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer with some bizarre speedruns?

The stream of this interesting race to purchase Mario’s boxer shorts outfit in the fastest time possible, which is the goal of nipple% speedruns, began with DougDoug outlining the extra caveat he’d added in order to make it more difficult. This twist was that if his eye-tracking software picked up that he was gazing at either Mario or his current coin total, the run would have to be abandoned and started again from scratch.

Having outlined that he’d have to rapidly raise 1k coins in order to buy the outfit, which is no mean feat in and of itself, the YouTuber dived into his first few runs and immediately failed by staring at the plumber, leading to some debate over whether just looking at a pause menu image or cutscene version of Mario would count as breaking the rules.

Soon, DougDoug decided to change things up to try and distract himself from gazing longingly at Mario, first by adding a YouTube video of the mobile game Subway Surfers to the stream’s overlay and then an image of someone cosplaying as the moustachioed one, the latter of which proved quite an effective strategy.

Having enlisted the aid of his chat to tell him how close he was to hitting his coin total, the YouTuber eventually managed to complete a successful run at around the two-and-a-half-hour mark of the stream, clocking in at a time of around 18 minutes, which was good enough to place him a rank 751 on’s official nipple% rankings.

Regardless of whether you’re now trying to crack the highly competitive top 100 of nipple-per-centers with an incredibly brisk boxer shorts run, make sure to follow us for guides to all things Mario and Nintendo.

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