Super Mario Bros Movie TV segment sees Jack Black’s Tenacious D censored

Jack Black alongside a picture of Mario villain Bowser.
Credit: Nintendo and Illumination/Universal Pictures.

Jack Black alongside a picture of Mario villain Bowser.
Credit: Nintendo and Illumination/Universal Pictures.

Regardless of how big a fan you are of Chris Pratt’s Mario voice, odds are if you’re into Nintendo games, you’re looking forward to giving the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie a watch when it arrives in cinemas.

While you’ve still got a little bit of time to wait yet, despite the film’s release date having been brought forward to April 5, a recent daytime TV appearance by some of the movie’s cast members might help tide you over.

That said, you’ll need to prepare yourself and possibly cover the eyes of any children present, because, as reported by Kotaku’s Zack Zwiezen, the segment featuring the Mario crew saw the show stolen by Jack Black’s nether regions.

Will you ever be able to forget this Super Mario Bros. Movie TV spot?

Taking place on NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show, hosted by the singer and TV personality in question, the incident, which you can watch below, stemmed from an innocent prank ‘staged’ by Black’s fellow residents of the animated Mushroom Kingdom.

While Chris Pratt, Keegan-Michael Key and Charlie Day sat on the show’s sofa donning regular clothes, Black appeared dressed in a Bowser costume, having seemingly been convinced by his show mates that they’d also be dressing as the Nintendo characters they’re set to play in the movie.

Having been convinced to emerge onto the stage, the School of Rock star did just that in his usual energetic style, leading the show’s censors to elect to blur the costume’s schlong sector, which was apparently more revealing than they might have planned, seemingly providing an unintended glimpse of Black’s low hangin’ fruit.

Once he’d stopped gyrating and high kicking in a terrifyingly mesmerising manner, Black sat down and explained the prank he’d been subjected to, adding of the costume: “I can’t get it off now, it’s like someone put super glue in there.”

Thankfully, the apparent free movement of the actor’s Sax-a-boom and maracas during his entrance seems to disprove this alarming idea.

Regardless of whether you’re now trying to stop seeing Jack Black in tight lycra whenever you close your eyes, make sure to follow us for guides to all things Mario and Nintendo.

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