Elden Ring randomiser challenge run sees YouTubers end stream every time they die

Elden Ring characters alongside YouTuber DougDoug.
Credit: DougDoug on Twitter.

Elden Ring characters alongside YouTuber DougDoug.
Credit: DougDoug on Twitter.

Since they finally received the massive DLC announcement they’d all been craving, many Elden Ring players have all been basking in the warm glow of knowing that work on Shadow of the Erdtree is definitely underway.

For the Twitch streamers that make their living finding unorthodox ways to make boss battles more difficult whenever they aren’t diving into a new release like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the expansion will likely be another great excuse to launch a bunch more voice-controlled or guitar-based battle sessions.

Currently, however, their dance pad antics might be being outdone by an Elden Ring challenge run from a YouTuber much better known for doing wacky things in games like GTA 5 and Skyrim.

Do you fancy trying a randomised Elden Ring playthrough while you wait for the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion to arrive?

The latest entry in YouTuber and streamer DougDoug’s journey through the Lands Between lasted just over an hour, which is pretty brief by typical Twitch broadcast standards.

However, that’s exactly the point of the run he’s doing in tandem with fellow YouTuber Pointcrow, with the pair having challenged themselves to play the game with a randomiser mod active and the caveat that, as soon as they both die for the first time, their current playing session must end immediately.

As you can imagine, such a setup is a pretty good recipe for chaos, especially given DougDoug’s bizarre sense of humour, which has previously been exhibited during his creation of a fart noise-based bureaucratic system to control his stream’s audience rewards.

This latest Elden Ring session was just as unpredictable and amusing as that stream, with DougDoug and Pointcrow using randomised weapons and some rather meme-worthy armour to battle their way through The Lands Between.

Electing to target killing overworld enemies, having learned their lesson from a previous trip into the game’s caves, the duo battled the likes of extremely out-of-place lobsters, nearly be bested by a fast-moving fingercreeper that ended up dying to an accidental world reset, before ending up in said caves anyway, on a quest for “redemption.”

There, they fared better than last time, felling the Erdtree burial scaly misbegotten, before eventually succumbing to the stonedigger shade.

Regardless of how long you think your Tarnished could last in randomised Elden Ring, make sure to follow us for coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to Shadow of the Erdtree as soon as it arrives.

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