Elden Ring challenge streamers are already starting to beat Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s main story

Some characters from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Some characters from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Since they finally received the massive DLC announcement they’d all been craving, many Elden Ring players have all been basking in the warm glow of knowing that work on Shadow of the Erdtree is definitely underway.

In the case of the Soulslike veterans on Twitch that make their living finding unorthodox ways to make boss battles more difficult, the expansion will likely be another great excuse to launch a bunch more voice-controlled or guitar-based battle sessions.

For now though, some of these hardcore FromSoftware fans have been trying their hand at regular playthroughs of the recently released Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, with one already having conquered its main quest.

Are you trying your hand at a Wo Long playthrough while you wait for Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion to arrive?

Streamer Larxa’s crusade through the central storyline Koei Tecmo’s depiction of Han Dynasty China, which began around the time of the game’s release late last week, came to an end at the conclusion of a recent 11 hour long streaming marathon.

Having scythed her way through the rest of the game with the kind of precision you’d expect from someone who regularly takes on difficult battles with handicaps and has competed against some of the most skilled creators ever to grace the Lands Between, the final series of challenges facing Larxa came from a gauntlet of bosses including the massive Yuan Shao and the Blindfolded Boy.

The first of these duels began with the streamer struggling to damage Shao, whose massive shield and lumbering attacks will test any player’s ability to dodge around, roll towards weak spots and trigger sequences that’ll make him stagger.

Quickly grasping this, Larxa chose to stay in close quarters combat and ground down the hulking behemoth’s health in order to defeat him at the first time of asking. Next up was the even larger Embodiment of Demonic Qi, whose powerful ranged and diving attacks had to be deftly dodged and parried in order to achieve another first-time victory.

Finally, the streamer defeated the agile Blindfolded Boy, in a lengthy duel that required the use of multiple weapons and a lot of timely healing to avert some close shaves courtesy of powerful grab attacks, to roll the credits.

That said, Larxa’s first playthrough of the game isn’t quite over yet, with her latest stream featuring some post-endgame side questing and exploration.

If you’re keen to watch some other great soulslike players carve their way through the game in order to provide some inspiration for your own run through it, both Luality and MissMikkaa also currently have Wo Long playthroughs in progress.

Also, make sure to check out our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty guides, which’ll provide you with a helping hand as you battle through ancient China.

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