Elden Ring streamer celebrates DLC announcement with intense level one club-only challenge run

Elden Ring's Godrick alongside Missmikkaa.
Credit: Missmikkaa on Twitter.

Elden Ring's Godrick alongside Missmikkaa.
Credit: Missmikkaa on Twitter.

Since they finally received the massive DLC announcement they’d all been craving yesterday, Elden Ring players have all been basking in the warm glow of knowing that work on the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is definitely underway.

While many have been eagerly speculating as to what the DLC’s storyline might involve, many of the most hardcore Tarnished have likely already started planning out the intense training, both in the Colosseum and against regular bosses, they’ll need to do in order to refresh and hone their skills in time for its arrival.

If you’re looking for an interesting way to spice up your preparation, then Twitch, previously home to the likes of voice-controlled and motion-controlled runs through the Lands Between, might have provided you with the perfect unorthodox build to try out.

Have you kicked off a fresh Elden Ring playthrough following the reveal of Shadow of the Erdtree?

Streamer MissMikkaa is currently unleashing this interesting battle strategy, which is based around doing away with armour and any weapons aside from a basic club and refusing to progress beyond level one, in order to commemorate the announcement of Elden Ring’s expansion.

Starting off this six-hour bashing session by doing a bit of analysis of the image that accompanied the DLC news with her audience and revealing that she plans to continue her recent guitar-controlled run through the game soon, MissMikkaa quickly delved into the creation of a caveperson-esque character that’d match this fresh run’s vibe.

After exploring a bit and acquiring a suitably large club, the streamer dived into her first boss battle of the run, which was against Margit and, despite some brief moments of panic, ended in victory on the very first try.

Having weathered some accusations of streamer luck from her chat, MissMikkaa’s next boss encounter, with Godrick, did at least help to dispel that attitude, with her first attempt ending quickly after her Tarnished failed to dodge a grab attack. That said, the second time proved a charm, with the streamer’s club dealking a fatal blow to the grafted one.

Both Rennala and the Draconic Tree Sentinel, encountered later on in the stream, took a little bit more grinding and strategising, with the former ending one of MissMikkaa’s attempts by felling a bookcase and the latter battering the streamer with his own massive blunt weapon a number of times.

That said, the pair still eventually fell to the club-wielding streamer, whose Tarnished just couldn’t be denied, possibly because it had been infused with DLC hype.

Regardless of whether you’re currently in the midst of a bizarre challenge run designed to tide you over until Shadow of the Erdtree arrives, make sure to follow us for plenty of guides to the expansion and coverage of some interesting Elden Ring streamers.

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