Elden Ring anniversary Twitch Rivals tournament crowns Distortion2 and Maximum’s teams as its victors

The special pot friend awarded to victors of Elden Ring's Twitch Rivals tournament.
Credit: @maximum on Twitter.

The special pot friend awarded to victors of Elden Ring's Twitch Rivals tournament.
Credit: @maximum on Twitter.

While they may not have gotten the massive DLC announcement they all crave yet, Elden Ring players have still had new content to dig into, with the long-awaited Colosseum DLC providing a fresh challenge for many who now consider traditional boss battles to be old news.

However, for the most hardened of warriors, this battle arena clearly isn’t proving difficult enough, with the world of streaming, infamous for producing unorthodox playthroughs of the game, having featured the likes of voice-controlled, guitar-based, and even dual device runs through The Lands Between in recent months.

Over the past few days, a number of the top Tarnished from Twitch have been facing off against each other in a Twitch Rivals tournament, which has just concluded with crowning of some PvP and PvE demigods.

Did you watch this intense war between Elden Ring royalty?

Having kicked off on February 21, the tourney has seen 16 teams composed of FromSoft game stalwarts including Mendo, LilAggy, and Larxa battle it out for top honours in separate PvE challenge and PvP duel brackets.

The overall winners, who’ll get to take home special pot friend figurines, were decided in a near five and a half-hour stream on the Twitch Rivals channel late yesterday, which featured a PvE boss battle challenge against the fearsome Malenia, followed by a climactic PvP colosseum session.

On the PvE side of the equation, the team of Distortion2, Hazeblade and 7rayD came into the final day with a narrow eight point lead over LilAggy’s squad, which they managed to hold on to for a win, with Distortion2 also securing a Golden Khakis Award for an incredibly rapid takedown of Morgott, which you can watch below.

Over in PvP land, another set of day one dominators in the form of the team of Maximum, Oroboro and Wraff, converted their lead in the Coliseum rankings into a victory.

Following the final whistle Maximum tweeted a picture of his hard-earned trophy, while Wraff said: “GGs to all the creators who took part, you're all amazing,” and Larxa mused: “Twitch Rivals for Elden Ring is now over and the real prize is the friends we made along the way.”

Regardless of whether this competition has inspired you to start a fresh playthrough of the game, make sure to follow us for coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to Elden Ring.

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