Triangle Strategy Sells 800k Copies in Two Weeks

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Triangle Strategy has become another hit for Square Enix and its HD-2D games, as the tactical RPG has sold 800k copies in two weeks. News on Triangle Strategy’s success was shared on the game’s official Twitter page, along with art from the title’s character designer Naoki Ikushima.

Producer Tomoya Asano had this to say about Triangle Strategy’s success (translated by Nintendo Life):

“Two weeks have passed since its release. More than 200,000 in Japan + Asia and 800,000 in the world soon (shipping + DL). Thank you m_ _m. The illustration is from Ikushima with gratitude. Please continue to support us in the future. Asano P”

Triangle Strategy Sells 800k Copies in Two Weeks

Triangle Strategy has been a hit with fans and critics alike, who've praised its gorgeous visuals and its story. Some fans have called it a successor to Final Fantasy Tactics, which hasn’t seen an installment since the PSP days, while others just consider it a well-made tactical RPG.

Triangle Strategy is now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. If you're still debating whether to play it, you can try out the free demo, which lets players transfer their save to the full release.