Square Enix Wants More HD-2D Remakes of SNES Games

Square Enix wants to make more HD-2D remakes of SNES games. Following the success of Octopath Traveler - to say nothing of the buzz surrounding Triangle Strategy, plus the Dragon Quest 3 and Live A Live remakes - this new approach looks here to stay.

Japanese publication Famitsu (transcribed by VGC) reported on a Square Enix video interview, revealing how Yosuka Matsuda, the company’s president, wants to remake more SNES games in this style. Presumably, they'll introduce further quality-of-life improvements to appeal to newer players.

Square Enix Wants More HD-2D Remakes of SNES Games

Here’s what Tomoya Asano, a Square Enix producer, had to say about more HD-2D SNES remakes:

The president ordered us to make more use of HD-2D, so we decided to think about remakes of past titles. So we lined up possible titles and thought about which could be done in HD-2D, and brought them to the president.
[The list included] titles released by Square and Enix for the Super Famicom – ones which were suitable for HD-2D, ones which were unsuitable for it, and ones which were impossible to play, like mahjong games. We lined up all of them and made a presentation that Live A Live was the most suitable. The second place was ActRaiser.

Triangle Strategy and Live A Live launch this March and September respectively, though there's no release date yet for Dragon Quest 3. We've yet to see any further updates from Square Enix on DQ3 since its reveal, though we'll keep you informed if that changes.

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