Skyrim player revels in opportunity to turn Dragonborn into Sonic

An image of Sonic in Skyrim.
Credit: HorseHeadHenry on Nexus Mods.

An image of Sonic in Skyrim.
Credit: HorseHeadHenry on Nexus Mods.

Life in Skyrim can be pretty slow at times, especially if you’re a guard in the midst of a day when there are no adventurers around to cause trouble.

Sadly, these pesky protagonists are always guaranteed to return from the wilderness fairly quickly, having grown tired of meeting their Shadow of Mordor-esque nemeses, bonking lore-friendly versions of Fallout’s deathclaws with warhammers, or trying to master their overhauled swordplay.

Unfortunately for any poor NPCs looking to chill out, the Dragonborn of one player on Reddit might be making a more rapid beeline towards the nearest city than most, having been morphed into Sonic the Hedgehog.

Fancy warming up for Sonic Frontiers with a blindingly fast run through Skyrim?

The thread about this unexpected occurrence in the subreddit r/skyrim began with a post from user jailson1mendes, who shared an image of their character running across the plains outside of Whiterun, captioning it: “Ah yes, I can finally play as f***ing Sonic.”

Some fellow Skyrim players shared in their unadulterated joy, with user Bsause7 suggesting that they might be on their way to having an: “inventory filled with nothing but gold rings,” leading jailson1mendes to confirm: “septims are worthless, I just want shiny clinky gold rings.”

Among the other suggestions for things that jailson1mendes could do while imbued with the power to go fast included finding some chilli dogs to chow down on, and recruiting Tails as a follower.

Sadly, some users were less enthusiastic about the blue speedster’s antics, with Alex_Drewskie sarcastically declaring: “Once again people overloading the game with sexy enhancements, smh” and Roggvir exasperatedly declaring: “OP's character is wearing nothing but shoes and gloves!”

Thankfully, user SkyrimMilfDrinker was able to offer some positive thoughts, saying: “Sonic Frontiers is looking great”, prompting slicedbread1991 to respond: “I honestly thought it was a screenshot from that game until I read the title.”

Meanwhile, some of the assembled players pointed out that playing as Sonic in Skyrim has been an option for a while now, with user afsdjkll sharing a YouTube video from 2015 and SavageTiger435612 saying: “Finally? You can play as Sonic in Vanilla after taking 100 skooma.”

If you don’t quite have that big a skooma supply and fancy playing as Sega’s speedy mascot, you could try out HorseHeadHenry’s mod ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’, which makes the rapid critter into a playable race.

Regardless of whether this is how you’d like to spend your Friday night, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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