Skyrim modder adds Pokemon system in non-nightmare inducing fashion

A promo screenshot from a Skyrim trailer.

A promo screenshot from a Skyrim trailer.

Life in Skyrim is generally pretty chill, with the means to make money never being too far away, especially if you’re good at alchemy or know which NPCs carry the most pocket change.

However, whether it’s via introducing a Shadow of Mordor-esque nemesis system, adding lore-friendly deathclaws, or completely overhauling the combat system, Skyrim modders are always looking for ways to make the fight to survive in its perilous world a little harder.

Luckily, a new mod will allow you to outsource some of this hacking and slashing to an army of cute critters.

Ever wanted to turn your Skyrim followers into non-terrifying Pokemon?

The mod in question is called ‘SuMon - Capture and Train’ and is the work of modder KataPUMB, whose previous work has brought psychic powers to Fallout 4 and turned Skyrim’s Wabbajack into Donald Trump.

Now, though, they’ve become the latest modder to have a go at bringing the world of Pokemon to Skyrim, arguably succeeding in a slightly less terrifying way than DJSuperGenius’ original ‘Pokemon in Skyrim’ mod released over ten years ago.

This time, there are no skeevers disguised as Pikachu or Khajiit Mewtwo to deal with: just regular Skyrim NPCs and creatures that can be recruited and trained to be the very best.

Up to six of these friends can be recruited into your team via a binding spell that, accurate to the creature collecting games, gives you a chance to capture whom or whatever you’re targeting based on their remaining health and level, with stronger friends and foes being tougher to add to your crew.

Once you’ve got a few captured and ready to go, you’ll need to whip out the mod’s calling spell, which will summon your little gang to fight in whatever battle you’ve set up for them.

While they’re battling away, you can check up on how they’re faring via a lesser power called ‘Check Status’, which will show you their level and key stats.

Getting ahold of these spells is as simple as buying a book, called ‘Su-mon: Understanding Summoning’, which is stocked by all spell vendors who have a conjuration skill higher than 50.

So, pick up your copy, channel your inner Ash Ketchum, and make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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