Skyrim players have hearts warmed by grandparents who both play the game

An image of some grandparents playing Skyrim.

An image of some grandparents playing Skyrim.

Thanks to its enduring popularity, Skyrim is a game that’s attracted all kinds of different players over the years.

While some of these would-be Dragonborns spend most of their time causing trouble for NPCs, pointing out plot holes or filling the game with all kinds of complex mods, others are a little more relaxed.

Take, for example, the grandparents of one player, who’ve made a bunch of Reddit users’ days via a simple clip of them both playing the game at the same time.

Do any of your older relatives enjoy a good spot of dragon hunting?

The thread on these gaming veterans in the Skyrim subreddit began with a post from user EbenIsDaBomb, who posted a clip of their elderly family members enjoying a bit of adventuring on two separate setups, captioning it: “Stopped by my grandparents house today, and they were both playing Skyrim at the same time.”

Naturally, many of their fellow players found this simply adorable, with user icecoldfirehp saying: “If this isn’t me and my boyfriend in forty years, I don’t want (one)” and OneEyedOneHorned dubbing the clip: “#relationshipgoals”.

On the other hand, some users made good-natured jokes about the game’s age, with TurboDinoHippo quipping: “Don't give Todd Howard any more ideas for a Skyrim 50th year anniversary edition.” and ImmersedEntity96 joking: “I mean it's called elder scrolls for a reason.”

Meanwhile, some other older Skyrim players arrived to relate to the clip, with user johnnymonkey revealing: “I can 100% relate here. My wife and I are grandparents, and I game on a killer PC while she owns the 70" in the living room for Elder Scrolls Online.” and Hopeful-Delivery-356 yelling: “Woooohoooo!! I’m not the only grandma that plays Skyrim.”

User Uzis1 suggested that it might be cool for the pair to play the game in tandem, saying: “(If) you install (the) Skyrim Together Reborn mod for them, they could play it together. It was recently updated, and it is amazing.”

Conversely, user Stalinwolf suggested that the likes of “More Productive Whippersnappers”, “Manners Like They Used To (NPCs + Enemies Edition)” and “SPEAK UP SON (Even Louder Dialogue Edition)” might also be good additions to the couple’s mod list.

Regardless of whether you think your whippersnappers need to be more polite, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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