Skyrim Together Reborn Mod Brings Co-op Multiplayer to Tamriel

A screenshot of multiplayer Skyrim.
Credit: awpsoleet on Nexus Mods.

The land of Skyrim is a pretty iconic place, but, for a long time, it’s been one that you have to explore on your own.

Sure, there are followers like Lydia to keep you company as you roam from city to city, chow down some grub or nurse a bad case of rockjoint, but sometimes an NPC just won’t do, even if they are a celebrity of some kind.

Luckily, modders have now solved your loneliness once and for all, allowing you to bring a few real-world friends along as you hunt Alduin or try to assassinate an Emperor.

Ever Wanted to Play Skyrim With Friends? Here’s Your Chance!

The new mod that delivers this change is called “Skyrim Together Reborn” and is the result of several years of work by a group of modders collectively known as The Together Team.

“For years, Bethesda fans around the world have yearned for a multiplayer experience in their favourite games.” say the development team of their motivation for making the mod on its website, adding: “Many felt as though ESO and Fallout 76 simply didn't fit the bill, providing more of an MMO experience than a co-op one, and thus the Together Team was formed.”

Developing a solution to allow for this kind of experience has taken more than five years, with a complete rewrite of the game’s codebase being required to make things work as intended.

The result is that, with the mod installed, you’ll be able to wander Skyrim with up to seven friends, taking in the sights and probably causing trouble for the poor residents.

For a tutorial on how to make sure you get the mod installed properly, check out the video below:

Or, if you want a bit of a glimpse of what your experience might look like once everything’s up and running, you can check out this video, which shows a test session conducted by the team in May, with five players jumping into the game:

Alternatively, if you’re the mod-minded type, you might be able to contribute to the further development of Skyrim Together Reborn, with it being open source to allow for community input and expansion.

So, grab your mates, jump in and make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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