Married Skyrim players show off matching amulet of Mara tattoos

The Skyrim couple's matching amulet of Mara tattoos.

The Skyrim couple's matching amulet of Mara tattoos.

When they’re not sticking to the standard routine of going on heroic quests, battling foes like the ebony warrior and visiting exotic locations, Skyrim players get up to some pretty interesting things.

From scything through villages with killer dabs, playing pick-up basketball games with magical artefacts and making couriers’ lives hell, a lot of these activities occur in-game.

However, sometimes a bit of Skyrim leaks into the real world, with a recent instance of this being what’s making a portion of the Reddit community dedicated to the game feel warm and fluffy inside.

Have you ever considered getting a matching Skyrim tattoo with someone else?

The thread that’s caused these feelings to flood the Skyrim subreddit began with a post from user SevereParrot8, who shared some wedding photos of them and their partner showing off matching amulet of Mara tattoos.

Many of their fellow players found this quite cute, with several lining up to congratulate them on their matrimony using quotes from the game, including user theAdotK dropping the classic line: “Divines smile on you, my friend.”

Others found the photos so wholesome they couldn’t help but break character, with user talkintater revealing: “I'm a grown man. You have no business making me involuntarily (say) ‘aww’ out loud like that. I was in public. People looked at me.”

On the other hand, a few saved their compliments for the artist responsible for the tattoos, with user papiWaterMe saying: “I love that the execution is so tasteful and unassuming! It's such an ‘if you know you know’ kind of (thing).”

Meanwhile, user Boaz76 tried to analyse what things like this mean with regards to Skyrim’s legacy, musing: “What other game could have this kind of impact? I mean really??!!! Love the Elder Scrolls Universe and what the games have provided for me over the years, but this right here is something special!!!”

Regardless of how big an impact the Elder Scrolls series has had on your life, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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