Sims player creates their grandparents in-game so they can visit them at any time

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An image of a player's grandparents in The Sims.
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The most widely publicised actions of Sims players are usually the wackiest and unexpected ones.

After all, which other game boasts such a humongous list of wacky glitches and hilarious occurrences, recently including the likes of a wedding gone terribly wrong, a ghostly hug, or a family of Keanu Reeves clones?


However, the game is home to just as many serious and heart-warming stories, as one player on Reddit has proven, reducing some of their fellow players to tears.

Have you ever created members of your family in The Sims?

The thread concerning their wholesome act in the subreddit r/thesims, began with a post from the player themselves, user MxBluebell, who shared an image of an elderly sim couple with a dog, captioning it: “My Papa and his dog are no longer with us, and my Nana has Alzheimer's and is in assisted living. I decided to make all three of them and their old house so I could visit whenever I want.”

Naturally, their fellow Sims stans were pretty moved by these re-creations, with user Drugs4Pugs saying: “This is so wholesome. I hope you can find the comfort you need.” and extremelyhotpink adding: “I adore this and I may or may not be crying.”


Others recommended a few little tweaks that MxBluebell might want to make so their grandparents could avoid some of the challenges that affect regular sims, such as user RaggySparra, who said: “If you have Neighbourhood Stories on, you can turn off stories for this individual household, so you don't come back and find one has passed away or adopted 6 kids.”, prompting MxBluebell to reply: “Oh wow, I’ll have to do that!! Thank you so much for the tip!!”

On the other hand, user Floralblanket suggested: “I would put them in a no age up game so they can never meet the reaper and live their life forever with their pup.”

Meanwhile, several users suggested that they might do something similar with family members they no longer saw as often or who have passed on, as a bit of a personal reminder or memorial.


Regardless of whether that sounds like something you might try, make sure to follow us for more Sims updates as a range of new content and mods arrive for you to pick up.