Sims 4 players claim that their sims are suddenly a lot meaner following update

A promo screenshot for The Sims 4.
Credit: EA/Maxis.

A promo screenshot for The Sims 4.
Credit: EA/Maxis.

The world of The Sims is full of wacky events and unexpected occurrences that can leave players dying with laughter and searching for an explanation.

After all, which other game boasts such a humongous list of confusing glitches and baffling goings-on, including the likes of a family of Keanu Reeves clones, conspiracy-laden phone calls from Santa Claus and children that look a bit like Voldemort?

Sadly, it seems that another flurry of inexplicable incidents is currently occurring in the game, with players on Reddit unsure why their pleasant households are suddenly erupting into chaos.

Have you noticed any subtle changes in your sims’ behaviour lately?

The thread concerning these unfortunate developments in the subreddit r/thesims began with a post from a user who suggested that since installing the latest update, their sims keep having mean interactions with each other despite not having any traits that might cause this to be the case, leading to a fair amount of drama.

The responses from some of their fellow Simmers seem to suggest that this issue isn’t unique to one person, with user trevorious_sr saying: “(The) same thing is happening to me. My sim is even trying to (cause problems) with autonomy turned off.” and Hikari-mew adding: “I was having this issue tonight too after updating. I thought it was so weird my sims were so on edge.”

A few users told in-depth tales of how this apparent mood swing has affected their playthroughs, with ThatLameLily recalling: “One of my sims has (the) good trait and suddenly she asked if she liked mischief. She hates bad interactions but is constantly being mean. Her kid is also being mean all the time. I'm tired of making them apologise constantly only for them to start picking fights and being mean again.”

Similarly, user 5Nadine2 joked: “(I) thought my child was going through a phase I wasn’t told about.”

Meanwhile, user TheQueerGuy2 summarised the issue by declaring: “I love drama, but at the same time, I DID NOT slave over five babies and toddlers, just for everyone to hate each other!”

Regardless of how dedicated you are to the drama, make sure to follow us for more Sims updates as a range of new content arrives for you to pick up.

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