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Pokemon GO 12KM Eggs: How To Find New Strange Eggs?


There are a few ways players can collect Pokemon in Pokemon GO.


One option is to head out into the wild and try to catch different Pokemon during encounters.

Another method is to collect different eggs and incubate them until they hatch.

Players will need to walk a certain distance to incubate an egg and each type of egg takes a different amount of time to hatch.

Typically, the longer a player needs to walk the rarer the Pokemon inside the egg

Strange Eggs are the latest variation of egg to be added to Pokemon GO and players are desperate to know where to find them.

Let's check out how you can find a Strange Egg and get it inside your incubator as soon as possible.

Where To Find Strange Eggs In Pokemon GO

In order to obtain a Strange Egg, players will need to defeat one of the Team Rocket Leaders.

There are four leaders in total and each of them uses different Pokemon.

Below is a list of the Rocket Leaders and a link to a dedicated guide for each of them:


Defeating any of the Rocket Leaders will reward a player with a Strange Egg.

The egg will need to be incubated and will take 12km of walking to hatch.

These Strange Eggs contain Dark or Poison-type Pokemon including Pawniard, Sandile, Larvitar and Scraggy.

Taking down a Rocket Leader is no easy task but it's certainly worth it if you're up to the challenge.

Good luck in the battle and obtaining your very own Strange Egg.


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