Fallout: New Vegas modder makes Benny actually put up a fight

Fallout: New Vegas' Benny next to a vault boy holding two silenced pistols and wearing sunglasses.

The world of Fallout mods can get pretty hectic at times. It's been a while since the last main series game came out, so the community has had to turn to itself to keep things fresh.

From Cyberpunk gear to drowning the world in pork and beans, there's plenty to sink your radiation-poisoned teeth into, and even in 2010's New Vegas, fans are still finding ways to spice the experience up a bit.

If you were disappointed that getting your revenge on Benny was a bit too easy, this is the perfect mod for you. Wipe that smug grin off his face a lot more satisfaction now that he's been hitting the gym and beefing up.

He ain't a fink, dig?

The mod in question is called Benny Encounter Improvements, and it takes a few steps towards making the leader of the Chairmen a bit tougher when things get ugly in The Tops casino.

Modder Sweet6Shooter has done quite a lot for the New Vegas modding community, and this is just the latest in a long line of lore-friendly improvements to Obsidian's modern classic.

Benny is known for being a bit too chilled out once he spots the courier he supposedly killed waltzing around The Tops alive and well. This mod adds turrets defending Benny's room which shoot on sight if you have your weapon drawn, prompting Benny to attack at the same time. He also draws his weapon and starts shooting if you aim your weapon at him, so don't go flinging guns around the casino unless you really want a firefight.

You can even sneak through Benny's room to either disable or blow up the turrets, although he won't be best pleased if you do the latter, opening fire.

Not to discourage tearing the world's most annoying man to pieces even more, but his guards are also more heavily-armed. Combined with the mod Benny Fighting Chance, you might actually struggle to take this nasty fella out!

Either way, it's nice to see Benny get some love, and it's definitely a mod to try out if you fancy a bit more of a challenge in your next New Vegas playthrough. It does feel weird just how weak Benny is in the base game, so a few little buffs make sense for an obviously paranoid and ruthless foe. If you fancy a bit more Fallout mod action, we have plenty for you. Whether you're interested in turning radroaches into Gary clones or something a bit more wholesome like feeding Brahmin herds, we've got you covered.

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